Video HaiBunda Tuesday, 14 Dec 2021 11:08 WIB Caca Tengker is now enjoying his new profession as an adult clinical psychologist, Mother. Having a lot of theory and knowledge about parenting, Mother Caca does not use it as a benchmark in parenting. According to him, this knowledge will only be useful if he understands the characteristics of his children. When met at the Junio ​​Bundafest event last week, Bunda Caca also revealed that she is constantly learning to be a good parent. He also does not want to compare his upbringing with other mothers. For more details, immediately see the story of Mother Caca in the following video! Embed Video “> Share, Bun! Let’s share with HaiBunda Squad and join Live Chat directly with experts, Bun! Join now on the HaiBunda Application! Monitor your little one’s growth and development every month only on the HaiBunda Application! .

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