It doesn’t feel like your baby, who seems to have just been born yesterday, has now started to enter the solid food period and is starting to eat solid food in addition to consuming breast milk. Of course, giving complementary foods to breast milk or complementary foods cannot be arbitrary, Mother. There are various basic principles in providing solid food for your little one who is still a baby. At every stage of his age there is a principle that continues to develop, Mother. One of the developmental processes in giving MPASI is giving MPASI when the child is 7 months old. MPASI for 7 months will certainly not be the same as the MPASI menu in other months. The principle of giving MPASI for babies for 7 months Basically, the principle for giving MPASI for babies for 7 months is the same as for early MPASI, Mother. As reported by the official website of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI), the nutritional content given to 7-month complementary foods must of course be complete. Starting from carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So that it can meet the energy, protein and macro-micro nutritional needs of the Little One. Well, the snacks given to the 7-month complementary food can be from various fruits, biscuits, or pudding, Mother. Regarding the provision of fiber, it is important to remember that even though at the beginning of complementary foods babies need it, the baby’s fiber needs are not so much and need to be limited. Do not overdo it because it can actually increase the risk of constipation in your little one. As recommended by IDAI, the recommended portion for complementary foods aged 7 months is a minimum of 3 tablespoons or half a bowl measuring 250 ml, no less, but more if your little one is still asking for more. The 7-month MPASI schedule can be done 2-3 times a day and interspersed with snacks or snacks. Texture of MPASI 7 months After being introduced to puree (filter) at the beginning of the MPASI period, for the texture of MPASI 7 months, Mother has started to make your little one food with a higher texture, such as mashed (mashed) or team porridge. When the baby turns 7 months old, his ability to consume solid food will be better than the previous month, Mother. Thus, by the time your little one enters the age of 7 months, the mother can explore more with a choice of recipes or the 7-month complementary food menu for her little one. Illustration of 7-month complementary food/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/SolStock What foodstuffs can be used in 7-month complementary food? IDAI has emphasized that every baby who starts solids, even from the beginning at the age of 6 months, must have been given a complete menu. Thus, the needs of macronutrients and micronutrients to help the growth and development of the little one can be fulfilled properly from the solid food they consume. Micronutrients consist of, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, and others. While macronutrients consist of carbohydrates, minerals, protein both vegetable and animal to other content. In this case dr. Meta Herdiana Hanindita SpA(K) also explained that based on many studies there are several food groups that are important for the growth and development of the Little One during the solid food period. The following are food ingredients that are important for the growth and development of the Little One during the MPASI period. Rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, or wheat-based foods as a source of carbohydrates Animal protein such as chicken, fish, beef, shrimp, and chicken liver. Vegetable protein that can be found in tofu, tempeh and beans. However, animal protein is preferred over vegetable protein because there are several types of vegetable protein that can inhibit the absorption of other nutrients. Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Fibrous foods such as vegetables and fruits, but in limited amounts. Eggs, either chicken eggs, duck eggs or quail eggs. Meanwhile, reported by The Bump, Mothers also need to know that there are some foods that you should avoid giving to babies. This includes honey, cow’s milk and hard vegetables, whole nuts and anything else that could be a choking hazard. Can you give finger food to your little one who is 7 months old? If you choose to try baby-led weaning, make sure to give baby finger food that is soft so that the baby can easily pound it with his gums, and cut it to a size that can be gripped by your little one to facilitate the little one’s learning process. This is because by 7 months of age, your baby may not have developed the gripping grip needed to pick up food, so his food choices may be limited. That’s a variety of information about the 7-month MPASI that you can apply at home with your little one. Hopefully it’s useful and the MPASI goes smoothly, Mom.

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