ONIC Drian. (MOONTON Games) Hitekno.com – ONIC frontman, Drian recently appeared in an interview with the media after the hot match against Team SMG at the M3 World Championship. Quite fierce in the lower bracket, ONIC Drian then revealed the cause of ONIC’s defeat throughout the group stage. Answering media questions regarding ONIC’s deteriorating performance in the group stage. Drian denied that this was due to the poor performance of the yellow hedgehog team. Furthermore, Drian said that this defeat was caused by the thoughts of several rosters who actually underestimated the enemy during the group stage. This then made ONIC have to swallow a big defeat. ”If you say that our performance in the group stage is bad, I don’t think our performance is bad. There are only a few thoughts, such as maybe belittling the enemy, that’s why we lost, not because our performance was bad in the group stage,” explained Drian. Previously, in the group stage of the M3 World Championship, ONIC did not show a perfect game after being beaten several times by TODAK to Keyd Stars. ONIC Mars and ONIC Drian. (HiTekno/Amelia Prisilia) The unsatisfactory results in this group stage brought Drian and his friends to the lower bracket. Luckily in the first match in the lower bracket, ONIC showed their ferocity and succeeded in bringing Team SMG home. Completed the first day of the lower bracket perfectly, ONIC will now compete against Blacklist International to maintain its position in the lower bracket of the M3 World Championship. .

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