JULO and eFishery Collaboration, Expanding Credit Access in the Fisheries Sector. (JULO) Hitekno.com – PT. JULO Financial Technology (JULO) collaborates with eFishery in order to expand equitable credit access to the underbanked community in Indonesia. This collaboration was announced in a virtual event which took place on Monday (12/06/2021). In order to support capital in the fisheries sector through the provision of digital credit, JULO signed a collaboration with eFishery. The signing of this collaboration was carried out virtually and was carried out by Adrianus Hitijahubessy as CEO & Co-founder of JULO with Gibran Huzaifah as CEO & Co-founder of eFishery. The synergy of the two startups created by the nation’s children is a real commitment of JULO and eFishery in improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people. This collaboration is one of JULO’s strategic steps to expand access to credit, especially in the fisheries sector. In addition, this collaboration also helps eFishery in terms of capital and financing for fish cultivators to grow in the future. JULO CEO & Co-founder, Adrianus Hitijahubessy said, “As we know, Indonesia is one of the main fish exporting countries in the world and even accounts for approximately 3% of Indonesia’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Cultivators are always faced with enormous opportunities and good capital can be an important key.” Adrianus regrets that the high potential of Indonesian fisheries is not accompanied by adequate literacy and financial access for Indonesian fisheries MSMEs, where the facts on the ground are that there are still many people who are classified as underbanked. JULO and eFishery Collaboration, Expanding Credit Access in the Fisheries Sector. (JULO) “The lack of access to banking is reflected in Indonesia’s financial inclusion index which only reached 76.19% in 2021. This figure shows that banking access is still a foreign item for some of our society and – it is possible – including fellow cultivators. Of course we are very enthusiastic “We welcome the collaboration between JULO and eFishery because it is in line with our vision to encourage Indonesian people to be more empowered through financial access. Thus, it is hoped that the quality of life of the community can improve, people can carry out activities without financial limitations, and the Indonesian economy can be more advanced,” said Adrianus Hitijahubessy further. CEO & Co-founder of eFishery, Gibran Huzaifah also said, “One of eFishery’s missions is to create an inclusive digital economy. We see that it is difficult for farmers to get access to capital because their business is considered to have high and uncertain risks. Therefore, we established an aquaculture ecosystem integrated system so that fish farmers can connect directly with financial institutions. Currently, more than 6,000 fish farmers throughout Indonesia have felt the positive impact of the ecosystem that we have built. Based on a shared desire for a better Indonesia, we hope to cooperate with JULO can run for a long time.” Through this collaboration, JULO will support the Kabayan (Kasih, Pay Later) Express feature from eFisheryFund which connects farmers directly with various financial institutions. Through the Kabayan Express feature, farmers can purchase production facilities, especially fish feed with various brands, with a credit limit of IDR 3 million – IDR 20 million from JULO digital credit products. This is expected to provide relief for cultivators in their daily activities, especially before the harvest period. JULO CEO & Co-founder, Adrianus Hitijahubessy added, “Through the support of JULO Digital Credit in the Kabayan program, we hope that the signing of this collaboration can be a momentum for fellow cultivators to get better access to capital. achieved freely without being bound by financial constraints. It would be very unfortunate if the opportunity that existed had to be missed because of constraints on access to banking, especially in the midst of an uncertain situation like now.” On the way to providing comprehensive financial inclusion, JULO services can also be accessed online by people in all provinces of Indonesia. During its 5 years of existence as a registered peer-to-peer and supervised by OJK, JULO has disbursed credit facilities of more than Rp. 2 trillion, with 70% of the use intended for improving the quality of life, such as business capital to education costs. With a 3x increase in the number of users year-on-year in 2021, it is hoped that JULO can play a role in increasing public financial access to achieve Indonesia’s 90% financial inclusion target by 2024.

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