Residents flocked to help when this meatball cart spilled. (TikTok/ @egoandriano) – Meatballs are usually one of the mainstays of some people’s menus. A cart belonging to a meatball seller that spilled on the side of the road caught the attention of netizens. They immediately feel sympathy and salute to the response of the people around them. A TikTok user with an account named @egoandriano shared a moment when he encountered a cart that had fallen on the side of the road. Apparently the cart fell because it was hit by a large vehicle. “Poor father,” wrote @egoandriano in his caption. The video post that was shared went viral after being watched more than 5.9 million times and getting 611 thousand likes. Thousands of netizens also prayed for the meatball baker brother to be more in demand in the future. “So when I was passing, suddenly the meatball vendor’s cart bumped into a truck. All the meatballs fell. Even though this man is just selling. Sorry, sir, I can’t help much, hopefully it can cover your losses a little,” reads the description in the video. Residents flocked to help when this meatball cart spilled. (TikTok/ @egoandriano) We can see the police and some local residents helping to fix the position of the cart that fell. Several vehicles also stopped and helped the meatball maker. There were residents who helped clean up the plates, leftover meatballs, sauce and spilled ingredients. We can also see a man who seems to give some Rp 100 thousand bills to the meatball seller. Thousands of netizens also commented in which they appreciated the man’s gift and the response of the people around him. It didn’t stop there, some other netizens agreed to hand over the money from the open donation to the traveling meatball seller. This viral video provoked various comments from netizens. Residents flocked to help when this meatball cart spilled. (TikTok/ @egoandriano) “Thank you, bro, keep doing good, may your sustenance always be blessed,” wrote @N**ngPa**u99. “Hopefully the meatball seller will sell more, he must be really sad,” replied @n**ia*. “The meatball baker’s sadness ended right then and there, it’s cool, bro. Hopefully there will be a lot of sustenance,” prayed @**.og*. Residents flocked to help when this meatball cart spilled. (TikTok/ @egoandriano) “That’s the real sultan who doesn’t wait for words. Thank you so much and immediately left. Thank you good people,” said @a**a*. “Just selling, I’ve got a trial, sorry for my brother (sad emoticon),” said @m**gku*a. The viral video of the falling meatball cart can be seen via this link. .

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