Jakarta – The world has an infinite amount of cultural diversity. All cultures are different and have their own unique traditions and advantages. In terms of parenting, a tradition can certainly be very different from one another. Some things that are considered normal by parents in one country, may be things that are considered unusual in another. Not surprisingly, parents from various parts of the world have different thoughts on how to educate the next generation. The following are some of the differences in parenting styles around the world: 1. Japan: Children are independent from an early age Teaching children how to be independent is an important part of good education and if you need to learn how, Japan can be a good example. In this country, children as young as 6 walk to school, do their own chores, and use public transportation at an early age without adult supervision. It’s not uncommon for parents to take their kids to a bakery or grocery store to buy some stuff. Japanese parents believe that it is very important to teach young children to find their own way to make them independent. They argue that it also teaches their children about responsibility. “This allows for enough exploration for children to face boundaries naturally,” says Dr Kyle Pruett, MD, Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, quoted by Good Housekeeping. 2. Finland: Children’s unique educational system. in Finland only start formal schooling at the age of 7. They are given several long breaks during school time to play outside. Elementary school children are given a break of 15 minutes every 45 minutes. In addition, children are given homework which is much less when compared to other countries and is not required to take standardized tests. They have a lot of time off during the day and spend less than 4 hours studying per day, you know. Did you know? With this unique education system, Finland often ranks highest in the world in academics Banner Acehnese Man and Turkish Wife/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 3. China and Vietnam : Learning using the toilet at an early age Chinese parents train their children to urinate in the toilet at an early age. Sometimes they start when the child is about 2 years old after starting to walk. Almost all parents in China do not use baby diapers because they care about the environment. Similar to China, parents in Vietnam also start training their children to use the toilet from the age of 9 months. Parenting styles in other countries, from leaving the baby outside to not touching the ground until the age of 3 months. See on the next page, yes. Also check out the video about the 3 keys to preventing stunting in children below:
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