Sightings at this cleaning robot shop made netizens shudder. (Facebook/ WeirdNet) – A small part of modern society is now starting to rely on cleaning robots to facilitate home maintenance. An apparition at this cleaning robot shop managed to make netizens salfok. WeirdNet’s Facebook fanpage account shared a post about activity at an unusual store. They re-uploaded posts from the fanspage “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”. Netizens made salfok with a woman in the shop. At first glance, there is nothing strange about the activities of women while cleaning the shop. But netizens immediately thought hard when they saw that the shop was selling floor cleaning robots. The woman is seen using a mop to clean the floor at the iRobot shop. For information, iRobot Corporation is a company from the United States that sells various robot models. The founders of iRobot have designed robots for space expeditions and military defense. Sightings at this cleaning robot shop made netizens shudder. (Facebook/ WeirdNet)Quoted from Wikipedia, iRobot also provides a range of tools or robots such as an autonomous home vacuum cleaner (Roomba), a floor mop (Braava), and other autonomous cleaning solutions. Cleaning the floor using manual tools at a shop that sells cleaning robots is considered by netizens as an irony in itself. The post about the woman cleaning the floor at the robot shop went viral after being shared more than 1,600 times. Not a few netizens who make it a meme and make funny comments on the photo. It’s puzzling why the woman didn’t use one of the robots to clean the floors in her shop. Sightings at this cleaning robot shop made netizens shudder. (Facebook/ WeirdNet)He can rely on cleaning robots like Roomba or Brava to get the job done. The viral post about the woman cleaning the floor in the robot shop provoked various comments from netizens. “Oh no, humans have replaced robots,” joked And**s Ma**ig. “This is very ironic,” said Mah**ze F**e. “Maybe it’s the most advanced robot model,” replied Zo**an D**o. “This is a future where we will be slaves, and robots will be our bosses, we work for them (laughing emoticon),” argues P**ve*. “Wow iRobot has a humanoid version of the model, great,” said C**n H*a. That was a photo of a woman cleaning the floor in a robot shop, what do you think? .

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