Jakarta – When choosing clothes for babies or children, what do you prioritize, the material or the model? Various models of cute baby and children’s clothes, especially girls, really like to make the wrong focus. Clothing models that are cute, cool, or beautiful often make many mothers put aside the material. Though there are other factors that are not more important than the model of clothing. For children, the comfort of wearing clothes is the main thing they want. Then how do we know what kind of material is the best or that makes babies and children feel comfortable? Here’s how to choose the right clothes for children. 1. Choose the type of fabric. Avoid synthetic fabrics for children’s clothes, Mother, because they contain high levels of chemicals that can cause allergies to your little one’s delicate skin. Also avoid polyester fabrics because they make your little one sweat quickly and are uncomfortable. Unlike adults, children may not be able to stand if they wear clothes that make them uncomfortable. With everyday clothes, your little one’s comfort is a must. Choose clothes made from natural fabrics for children because they are light and comfortable to wear. 2. Consider durability Not many children’s clothes can last long. Children don’t really care about their clothes as much as we would like them to. Some fabrics may be able to follow the child’s growth. Such clothes can be passed down to a brother or sister. 3. Adjust the color It has become a tradition when choosing the color of clothing for children, shades of pink for girls and shades of blue for boys. When your little one is a baby or toddler, you can dress him up in any color you want. However, when you are in your teens, it is important to follow his wishes. Respect her choice and let her dress in her favorite color. Banner Hages Budiman Great Mothers Around us/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 4. Adapt to the weather The main purpose of clothing is to protect the body from the weather outside. The fabric chosen must be weather-appropriate. For example, cotton and silk fabrics can be used during summer, while wool and velvet fabrics can be used for winter. 5. Choose a type of fabric that feels light At first glance, some fabrics may look nice and comfortable but are actually much heavier than they appear. Heavy fabrics put weight on your little one and limit their movement. They will not feel as comfortable with lighter options which can make them more irritable and trigger tantrums. Then, what types of fabrics are good for children’s clothes? See on the next page, yes. Check out the video about tips for making shopping bags from used clothes below.
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