Jakarta – It is undeniable that the moment of harbolnas or year-end discounts makes us, mothers, shop outside of needs. Items that are not really necessary are sometimes checked out without thinking carefully. Have you ever had an experience like that? Well, it’s best if you need to refrain from shopping unnecessary during the National Holidays or year-end discounts. Then, how can you stop yourself from being extravagant in dealing with year-end discounts? Certified Financial Planner, Annisa Steviani has these tips, so that your wallet doesn’t break while shopping. Here are the tips that you need to consider: 1. Distinguish between wants and needs What do we need? If by chance we need an oven because we are learning to bake. Continue to discount, well you can. But sometimes we just scroll and scroll. Even though it is not necessarily necessary, ‘While discounts’ often haunt the minds of mothers when facing Harbolnas. Nisa said to hold on so as not to incur costs through shopping for items that are only wanted, not needed. Nisa also said avoid buying goods in excessive quantities. For example, while on discount, Mother secures skincare stock. In fact, it’s not necessary. It’s better to spend what is there, then shop again. 2. Shopping in a conscious state According to Nisa, this one tip is not about financial but also psychological. If you are tired or tired, sometimes there is a desire to play e-commerce and end up not controlling what needs to be spent. “Are we shopping online and are we hungry? Are you angry? When you’re angry, you end up opening e-commerce, you end up shopping. Or you’re no longer sleepy. Often, after spending time with your child, you keep scrolling, ‘Oh, that’s funny! ‘, when you come what do you buy this for?” On the other hand, when shopping consciously. Of course, we can at least think twice before shopping for an item. “Is this necessary or not? I bought this because I was sleepy, right?” 3. Avoid ‘pay at the end’ I don’t recommend paying at the end, because why was applying for a credit card so difficult in the past. Because making sure, those who have credit cards are people who have a steady income, they can almost certainly pay. But if you pay later, especially those that are consumptive. Again, what is it necessary for? Nisa said, this is like denial, we don’t have money but we want to have something. “We have to practice, if we don’t have money. It’s a sign that we can’t buy it. Realizing that we can’t afford like people, we don’t have as much money as people,” Debt is okay, but for something productive. For example, for a mortgage, or maybe one that helps your mother’s business. Food Recipe Banner Rp. 20 thousand/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 4. Pay attention to the budget Don’t forget to pay attention to the shopping budget for that month, Mother. Nisa said that everyone’s spending budget is definitely different. There are 5 percent, 2 percent. From here, it means that you should have a budget for shopping first before buying something at Harbolnas. “Actually, we can use the shopping budget for that month. So we have known since the beginning of the month, there is Harbolnas. It means that the budget in November will be set aside for the budget for Harbolnas,” said Nisa. Even during Harbolnas, according to Nisa, Mother is expected to already know what items to check out. So pay attention to the budget and come back, spend as much as needed and as needed. 5. Uninstall the application first. If you are indeed the type to add items to the cart and want to check out continuously. Try to consider uninstalling the application first, Mother. “After that, the email is unsubscribed. Sometimes you are reminded, yes, you can also unsubscribe. It takes practice and requires practice, because sometimes I try but I can’t. Try applying it for a week, two weeks,” When After realizing what we want, according to Nisa, it will be easier for us to control our finances. In this case, the business of shopping. What are your tips, Mom? Interesting to try it! Well, for other financial tips so that your financial resolution in 2022 is achieved, check out Annisa Steviani’s presentation on HaiBunda’s Live Instagram, at @haibundacom. (aci/fia) .

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