Medibang Paint. (Medibang Paint) – Check out these five applications for creating digital comics and manga specifically for PC. It’s easy to use. For information, making manga comics is not an easy matter. You can’t just rely on one PC application to create a character. Because making anime books requires different elements. But the case is of course for those who are already professionals. Meanwhile, for those of you who are still beginners, don’t worry, there is an application that can help you learn. With just this one application, you can make comics and manga as your first work. Probably, many people choose a tablet to draw this character. However, not a few are more comfortable using a PC. Well, this article will discuss a special comic maker application for PC, here are the details: 1. Comic Creator Studio (Windows only) Comic Creator Studio. (summitsoft) As the name implies, this one application will help you create comics very easily. Unfortunately, only Windows users can use this application. How to use this application is very easy, even children will easily understand the instructions provided. It’s no wonder that many digital comic drawing courses use this application for their young students. 2. Clip Studio Paint EX (for Windows and Mac) Clip Studio Paint EX. (clipstudio) If Comic Creator is really for beginners, but not with this one application. Clip Studio Paint EX is widely used for professional comic creators in doing their job. For information, this Clip Studio Paint Ex application is the first digital application that is truly devoted to drawing Manga comics. There are lots of hidden features that can help you create cool characters and live up to your expectations. 3. Comic Life (Windows and Mac) Comic Life. (plasq) If you are the type of person who likes to use photos as art from the comics that you make, of course this application will be very suitable. With this PC application, it will be easier for you to organize images and photos into the comic book templates that you have created. This Comic Life application is also really suitable for those of you who are not good at drawing, but have thousands of comic story ideas in your head. 4. Manga Maker Comipo (for Windows) Manga Maker Comipo. (Web Technology Corp.) If you like simple things, you can try this software. In Manga Maker Comipo, you won’t find many tools that make you dizzy. Only the essential tools for making comics will be provided by the developer. Starting from making characters to becoming a full comic, you can spend just 10 minutes, you know. Naturally, if you are not good at drawing, you can take advantage of the default characters that you can change according to your taste. 5. Medibang Paint (Windows and Mac) Medibang Paint. (Medibang Paint) Well, this PC application is specifically for those of you who like to make their own characters. Yup, you will be asked to draw your own character before exporting it into a book template. Because it’s a canvas for painting, make sure you have the ability to draw first, okay? One more thing, there are no speech bubbles or embedded comics that you can import and add to your creations. So, create your own idea. Those are five digital comic and manga maker applications on PC that you need to try. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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