Jakarta – Romantic Korean dramas will also enliven the small screen in 2021. Throughout the year, there are various romantic titles that make the audience excited. The success of this romantic Korean drama is no less than a series that carries the action, law, and thriller genres that will also enliven 2021. Not a few popular Korean dramas have succeeded in scoring high ratings, you know. Romantic Korean dramas always have a special place in the hearts of viewers. The storyline that makes you baper makes the romantic series addicting to watch. No wonder, there are many romantic Korean dramas that achieve high scores. Mother, here are 5 romantic Korean dramas that scored high ratings throughout 2021: 1. Hospital Playlist 2 Hospital Playlist is one of the most popular medical-themed Korean dramas in 2020. Its success was continued through the second season, which was broadcast in June this year. In the second season, the series broke the record as the first tvN show with the highest ratings in its first episode. Based on data from AGB Nielson, the premiere episode of Hospital Playlist 2 received a rating of 10 percent. Airing as many as 12 episodes, Hospital Playlist managed to score its highest rating of up to 14 percent. This Korean drama is about the friendship of five doctors at Yulje Medical Center. They are Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk), Yang Seok Hyeong (Kim Dae Myung), Chae Song Hwa (Jeon Mi Do), Jun Wan (Jung Kyung Ho), and Ahn Jeong Won (Yoo Yeon Seok). In the second season, there are many romantic sides that are extracted from each character. Not only struggling with their careers as doctors, these five friends also fall in love with their respective stories. There are many ‘ships’ of love in the audience that stole the hearts. From IkSong, to GomGom ships. In addition, there is also the audience’s favorite Winter Garden couple. Mother, also check out the romantic Korean drama with a high rating that was viral in 2021. Click on the next page, OK? Also watch the latest Korean drama video footage that will air at the end of 2021:
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