Jakarta – At the end of the year, there are usually big discounts everywhere, both in offline stores and online. What’s more, there was the euphoria of Harbolnas on December 12. Are you one of those who did a lot of shopping during Harbolnas yesterday? How is your financial condition now? There must be a lot of shaky cash flow during Harbolnas because they spend a lot when they see a sale party on e-commerce. According to Annisa Steviani, CFP, a certified financial planner, Mother is not prohibited from shopping online. However, you should pay attention to whether the items purchased are the items you need. “What do we need? For example, if we need an oven because we are learning baking, then it just so happens that the oven is discounted. Now that’s something we need to learn,” he said on Live Instagram with HaiBunda some time ago. “But often we don’t need it anymore, it’s just that it’s Harbolnas again. Let’s just scroll and scroll. Who knows there is something we need, even though we don’t necessarily need it,” he added later. Controlling yourself when you see a massive discount is very difficult, Mother. Yet it is the key to keeping finances stable. Even so, Annisa provides some tips that you can try to do, here. Tips for controlling yourself when shopping online Are you curious about tips for controlling yourself when shopping online, especially when there are lots of year-end sales? Here Bubun helps summarize the row. 1. Realizing the amount of money you have When you want to practice self-control, Annisa says that you need to know in advance the amount of money you have. “So the first thing is to be aware of the amount of money we have. Because sometimes we like to feel ‘ah, just got paid, the money is a lot. You can buy this and buy that’. Even though the paycheck is money that we have to spare for one month. So actually not much,” he explained. 2. Share finances per week. When you realize the amount of money you have, that’s a sign that you have started to control yourself. Well, the next step, you can share your finances per week. “So usually it’s divided per month, huh. After that, it’s like the last 2 weeks I didn’t have money, the last week I couldn’t eat snacks. Well, I always suggest dividing it per week,” he explained again. After paying for routine things such as children’s school, Wi-Fi, tutoring, and others, the remaining money can be divided per week, Mother. When the money runs out on Friday, then Saturday and Sunday you have to take a shopping holiday and can only start again on Monday. Click read the next page to see more tips, Mother. Mother, also check out the following cooking application videos that can make money:
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