International Blacklist for M3 World Championship. (MPL Indonesia) – Playoff Day 5 M3 World Championship Mobile Legends brings together the match between Blacklist vs Keyd Stars. In the BO5 match system, Blacklist International (Philippines) was able to win 3 vs 0 over Keyd Stars (Brazil). This result makes Blacklist International go further in the Lower Bracket. On the other hand, the Brazilian representatives had to lift their suitcases from M3 Mobile Legends because they only had one life in the Lower Bracket. The roster and heroes from the Blacklist in the first game are Hadji (Yve), Edward (Uranus), OHEB (Clint), Wise (Yi Sun Shin), and OhMyV33nus (Estes). While the formation of Keyd Stars in the first game is Prime (Pharsa), Tekashi (Hylos), Luiiz (Benedetta), Kiing (Natan), and Mayke (Mathilda). The two teams competed quite fiercely until the mid-game. Blacklist winning 10 vs 8 in the eleventh minute. The perfect positioning of the ultimate and the accurate timing of Hadji when using Yve repeatedly repelled Keyd Stars players. The first game Blacklist vs Keyd Stars. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) Even though Luiiz et al were able to steal Lord in the twelfth minute, Blacklist survived very well. The cohesiveness of the Blacklist players made the Keyd Stars squad unable to penetrate the base turret. Blacklists can even suppress Keyd Star after the game enters the late-game period. In the 16th minute, it was the turn of the Blacklist players who secured Lord. The attack from the Lord destroyed the Keyd Stars base turret. After five Keyd Stars heroes fell, Blacklist locked the first game win with a score of 16 vs 9 in the 18th minute. The second game was shorter than the previous game. Bane Jungler’s strategy from Blacklist is able to make Keyd Stars helpless. Representatives of Brazil could not even score a single kill throughout the match. Blacklist won the second game with a score of 11 vs 0 in the 12th minute. The third game Blacklist vs Keyd Stars. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) The total score of 2 vs 0 makes the Blacklist even more excited in the third game. Almost the same as the second game, Blacklist also exhibited fast and aggressive play in the decisive match. This Filipino representative was already leading 4 vs 0 in the fifth minute. OHEB once again showed off his great game as a tough Gold Laner. Slick initiation and OHEB’s deadly damage when using Alice’s hero made the Keyd Stars formation fall apart. War near the base resulted in losses for Keyd Stars. OHEB became the third game MVP. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) Blacklist finally locked the third game victory with a score of 12 vs 1. The Blacklist vs Keyd Stars match was proof that the Philippines representative team was quite dominating after being knocked out of the Upper Bracket. They previously managed to get rid of ONIC ID as the representative of Indonesia in the Lower Bracket. Blacklist International will fight the winner of the NaVi vs Todak match on Thursday (16/12/2021) at the Lower Bracket M3 Mobile Legends. .

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