Desperate couple kissing on the escalator. (instagram/bang.tawa) – The action of a pair of lovers caught by a mall’s CCTV camera recently became the talk of Instagram netizens. How not, this couple was desperate to kiss in a public space. However, their fate did not go smoothly. The video, which recorded the action of a couple kissing on the escalator, was uploaded by the @bang.tawa account and went viral on Instagram on Monday (12/13/2021). ”The punishment of cipokan in public places” wrote the caption for the upload @bang.tawa. In the video, a couple can be seen climbing an escalator in a mall. Like a couple who are intoxicated with romance, the two are then seen kissing. However, the end of this video did not go smoothly. This couple actually slipped and fell on the escalator that kept going. After this video went viral on Instagram, various comments were then left by netizens. Desperate couple kissing on the escalator. (instagram/bang.laugh)”Really romantic, somersault together” netizens replied. ”Don’t be like this, gaes wkwkwk” another account commented. ”Singles prancing, look at this,” said netizens. ”Happy moment for singles” wrote another account replying. Viral on Instagram, the upload of the desperate couple kissing on the escalator has then been viewed more than 500 thousand times and received thousands of comments from netizens. .

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