Jakarta – I am confused about who to tell. I am a working mom with two toddlers. The first child is 26 months, the second is only seven months old. I am in a long distance marriage (LDM) with my husband and he works in Jakarta while I am in Java with a higher salary ratio. Thank God we are not having financial problems at the moment, but I am often sad lately because the quality of communication with my husband is getting worse. Only one video call a day, don’t even ask each other how they’re doing via WhatsApp. Sometimes I WA him first and tell stories but my husband’s response is only perfunctory. I feel like eating vegetables without salt. The climax was when I was focusing on preparing files for my postgraduate registration. I was busy studying and preparing documents so I didn’t have time to WhatsApp. When he video calls and I don’t have time to pick up, he is very angry and his words really hurt my heart. I even blocked him because I felt he was selfish. He didn’t even support me. What do I have to do? Along with the decline in the quality of communication, I feel the love between us also faded. Please help. (Mother A, did not provide location) Want to share a story, Mother? Let’s share with us by sending Mother’s Story to [email protected] Mothers whose stories are selected to be broadcast will receive attractive prizes from us. (som/som) .

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