Jakarta – Keeping baby equipment clean, such as milk bottles, is certainly important for parents. In fact, the cleanliness of baby milk bottles is also a matter of great concern to the couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina. Moreover, they just had a newborn baby Rayyanza. Through their official Instagram account @raffinagita1717, they also share the secret of how to keep Rayyanza’s baby bottle clean. One of them is by washing bottles with special bottle cleaning soap for babies, Sleek Baby Bottle Cleaners. “We are very happy because we want to share the good news that we are now part of Sleek Baby. So we can be with Sleek to protect the Little One,” they said through a post on Instagram @raffinagita1717. In the post, both of them also revealed that Sleek Baby is one of their mainstay baby care products. Considering Sleek Baby has a formula that is safe for babies. “Well, it’s one of the baby care products that Mama Gigi and I have always chosen, @sleekbaby_id because the formula is natural and safe for babies and 100% trusted by mothers for sure!,” he explained. Sleek Baby Bottle Cleaner is made from 100% food grade so it doesn’t leave residue and is safe for your little one. In addition, this product also contains natural antibacterial which is effective in killing germs and bacteria with natural ingredients. Dock. Sleek Baby Sleek Baby Bottle Cleaner also contains high concentrate with a thick textured formula so it is more efficient to use. In addition to Sleek Baby Bottle Cleaner, Raffi and Gigi also use Sleek Baby Laundry Detergent to keep Baby Rayyanza’s clothes clean from germs and bacteria. Dock. Sleek Baby Sleek Baby Laundry Detergent is free of SLS, harmful chemicals that cause skin irritation in babies. This detergent is also made from natural plant extracts which are effective in cleaning stains so that clothes are free from musty odors and keep the fabric fibers smooth and soft. That way, your little one is free from skin irritation. So, for mothers who want their little ones to be protected, let’s immediately use Sleek Baby. Like Raffi and Gigi, who chose Sleek Baby Bottle Cleaner and Sleek Baby Laundry Detergent to protect Rayyanza in her 1,000 days of protection. (adv/adv) .

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