Jakarta – Actress Naysilla Mirdad will soon marry her lover, Roestiandi Tsamanov. Both are rumored to be married in the near future, Mother. The woman who was born in Jakarta, May 23, 1988, asked for prayers from the media crew and the public. In preparation for the wedding, he just gave a brief statement. “Pray first,” replied Naysilla when met by the media crew, quoted from detik.com. Even so, the daughter of Lydia Kandou and Jamal Mirdad promised to announce the news of her marriage to Roestiandi when the date was out. “Pray, later for example there is a definite date, the person is certain, it’s new… that’s it,” he said. Naysilla Mirdad also opened up about the issue of changing beliefs. Nana Mirdad’s younger sister is widely reported to have converted to Islam to follow her husband who is Muslim. However, Naysilla asked the public not to continue discussing this matter. He doesn’t want to ask many questions regarding his privacy, Mother. “Why is it always taken that way? Anyway, I just want to pray for the best,” said Naysilla with a smile, when met at the South Jakarta Religious Court. The news of the closeness of Naysilla Mirdad and Roestiandi Tsamanov has been circulating to the public since 2015, Mother. Currently, the two have been dating for quite some time. Meanwhile, when asked about the ideal husband, the 33-year-old soap opera actor said that the criteria for his ideal man were not much different from what he saw from his father, Jamal Mirdad. “What is certain is the character, the man must have a strong character, be compassionate, have integrity, also have a good religion, be responsible, compassionate, humorous, wow, there are many, if you list there are many more, more or less like papah, “said Naysilla. Meanwhile, Jamal Mirdad is also considering marrying the princess to the man of her dreams. Read on the next page, Mother. Also watch the video about the love story of Winda Idol and her husband of different religions and cultures below:
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