– Did you know that there are several cartoons that air every day on NET TV? For more details, see today’s NET TV schedule, Thursday 16 December 2021. The slogan as “Today Television” seems to be answered by NET TV by providing programs that are liked by many young people. One of them is anime or Japanese cartoon. This time, there are Digimon to My Hero Academia on NET TV’s schedule today, December 16, 2021. Not only the two anime will air, but there will also be Detective Conan and Shinbi’s House at noon. The following is the complete schedule for NET TV today, December 16, 2021. 00.00 WIB : ONE Championship Warrior01.00 WIB : Comedy Night Live02.00 WIB : Mrs. Nunung03.00 WIB : The Comment04.00 WIB : 8605.00 WIB : The Wisdom Behind the Story05.30 WIB : Hello Jadoo07.00 WIB : Cells at Work! 08.30 WIB : TikTok Now09.30 WIB : Happy Diary 10.00 WIB : Fun Family 10.30 WIB : IPOP11.00 WIB : Good Afternoon Indonesia11.30 WIB : Digimon Universe App Monsters 12.30 WIB : My Hero Academia 13.00 WIB : Detective Conan14 .30 WIB : Shinbi’s House16.00 WIB : Eat Delicious 17.00 WIB : Love Revolution19.00 WIB : Indonesia Next Top Model Cycle 220.00 WIB : Let it go viral 22.00 WIB : RT 523.00 WIB : 86 That is the schedule of tv shows on NET TV today 16 December 2021. Don’t miss other NET TV programs that are no less interesting. Here’s an explanation of today’s NET TV schedule, December 16, 2021. Enjoy. Also Read: The 25th Detective Conan Leaks, Airing 2022.

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