Recommended Christmas and New Year 2021 gifts for the Oppo A95 and MSMEs collaboration. (Oppo Indonesia) – Have you prepared Christmas and New Year’s gifts for 2021? Oppo Indonesia prepared an interesting recommendation. Some of them are the result of collaboration with local MSMEs. Oppo Indonesia recommends the Oppo A95 smartphone as one of the attractive recommendations for Christmas and New Year’s 2021 gifts. This Oppo smartphone is claimed to be a device that supports daily activities, also stays connected while at home. “Oppo A95 can be a recommended Christmas and New Year 2021 gift this time, with this device we can keep families connected to each other, either through phone calls or videos through several popular messaging applications. Support through the front camera feature and the presence of a high-resolution screen clear video calls can make video calls more meaningful. In addition, Oppo also recommends products from A95 MSME Partners to be chosen as gifts this year,” said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of Oppo Indonesia. Products from MSME partners (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) are considered suitable as recommendations for Christmas and New Year gifts as a companion to the Oppo A95 device. Moreover, Indonesian MSME products have advanced and developed rapidly so that their existence is increasingly well accepted in the community. Oppo and MSME collaboration. (Oppo Indonesia). Continuing support for MSMEs from the previous Oppo A95 Performance Event which was initiated by many creative young people, on this occasion Oppo Indonesia again collaborated with MSME partners to recommend gift options for the New Year 2021. Oppo again collaborated with Gentanala, one of the A95 MSME Partner pioneered by young people to develop watches and wallets made of wood and resin. In addition, Jhonson Indonesia, one of the local brands that focuses on the production of various kinds of the latest footwear. Oppo also invited Revive Indonesia, one of the MSMEs that provides various kinds of bags with modern and stylish designs. “The recommendation to choose Indonesian MSME products was made by Oppo with the aim of evoking the micro-economy which is expected to stimulate the national economy before the end of the year. ” added Arya. Not limited to recommendations, Oppo also conducts special collaborations with each MSME partner. This special collaboration product is not planned to be sold in general, but Oppo together with MSME partners will auction these products. The proceeds from this auction will be used to help victims of the eruption of Mount Semeru, East Java. Oppo Indonesia through its MSME partners will auction 3 (three) collaboration packages consisting of the Oppo A95, shoes from Jhonson Indonesia, bags from Revive Indonesia and special resin wood watches and wallets with A95 engravings from Gentanala. Each of these collaboration packages will be auctioned through the Instagram accounts of MSME partners from 16-24 December 2021 on Instagram accounts @jhonson_Indonesia, @revive.Indonesia, and @gentanala. Auctions will start from IDR 3 million and valid for every multiple of IDR 100,000. .

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