Jakarta – There are many ways you can do to get rid of a distended stomach, Mother. In addition to exercising regularly, you can also do various kinds of diets, you know. One of the diets that you can do to get rid of a distended stomach is the watermelon diet. Do you think you have heard of it yet? This watermelon diet is done in just a short time, Mother. That is about 3 to 5 days. Looking at the Healthline page, Jessica Marcus, MS, RD, CDN, who is a nutrition consultant, said that if the watermelon diet is done for a long time, this diet will not work. “Unlike a lifestyle change diet, the limited time period of this watermelon diet can provide realistic results that can be achieved,” he said. Adding, Jessica said that the watermelon diet can cleanse the body because about 90 percent of the fruit contains water. Not only that, watermelon also has low calories and contains lots of vitamins. “Watermelon contains more than 90 percent water. So it’s low in calories and provides several vitamins and minerals. It’s hydrating, refreshing, and can help you feel fuller, at least temporarily,” says Jessica. Even so, this watermelon diet cannot be followed by everyone, Mother. Someone who is still a child, pregnant mother, and people with diabetes, are prohibited from doing this diet. Watermelon diet menu for 5 days Mother curious about the watermelon diet menu for five days? Don’t worry, Mother. Here is Bubun’s help to summarize from the Recipes Times of India page. First Day On the first day, Mother can have breakfast with 2 pieces of wheat biscuit, a piece of watermelon, and green tea or coffee, Mother. During the day, Mother can eat boiled meat, while dinner with cheese. 1. Breakfast 2 whole wheat crackers 1 slice of watermelon 1 cup of green tea or green coffee 2. Lunch 100 grams of lean boiled meat 1 bowl of watermelon 3. Dinner 60 grams of cottage cheese 1 bowl of watermelon Day Two Almost the same as the first day, the second day Mother can have breakfast with watermelon, whole wheat bread, and tea. Next there is boiled chicken for lunch and grilled fish for dinner. 1. Breakfast 1 slice of watermelon 1 apple or a slice of whole wheat bread 1 cup of coffee or green tea 2. Lunch 100 grams of skinless boiled chicken 1 slice of watermelon 3. Dinner 100 grams of grilled fish 1 slice of whole wheat bread What’s the diet menu like watermelon on the third to fifth day? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. (mua/som) .

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