– Rizky Nazar was arrested by the police in a case of marijuana use. Her lover, Syifa Hadju, tries to motivate her through Instagram. Syifa reposted another person’s upload which showed a photo of both hands supporting a small child. In the upload, there is a love emoji and a snippet of a verse from the Koran. Actress Syifa Hadju during a press conference for the series ‘Alaska Bay’ in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (11/3/2021). [ Winanto]The verse is a snippet of Al-Baqarah verse 286 which has the meaning ‘God will not burden a person but according to his ability’. Through this verse, Syifa is sure that Rizky Nazar can deal with this problem. Read also: 6 sources of wealth Rizky Nazar, caught in drugs at a young age Rizky Nazar was arrested at his residence in the East Jakarta area, Monday night (12/13/2021). The star of the film ILY from 38,000 ft, is known to be secured with evidence in the form of marijuana weighing 1 gram. Actor Rizky Nazar at a press conference for the Film Love Knot in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, Thursday (28/10/2021). [ Winanto]Warganet suddenly flooded Syifa Hadju’s Instagram account. They are busy providing support to the players in the Story For Geri series. The complete chronology of Rizky Nazar’s arrest is not yet known. The plan, the new police will hold a press conference today. .

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