Jakarta – When you are pregnant, you must be very careful and avoid things that can cause miscarriage. Mother will do her best to protect the little one in the stomach. So, what are the causes of miscarriage that you need to avoid and know? Let’s continue to see the explanation, Mother. Launching from the Parents page, there are many causes of miscarriage, and many of them are beyond your control. So it is necessary to find out about what causes miscarriage and learn how to deal with the risk of having a miscarriage in your pregnancy. In many cases, especially early miscarriages, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is causing it. “Pregnancy is something amazing,” said Elizabeth Nowacki, DO, obstetrician at St Vincent Fishers Hospital in Indiana, United States quoted from the Parents page, Friday (10/12). “Every human being has two sets of genetic material that come together and have to divide, sometimes they fail. So, the simplest way to think about why miscarriage occurs is because it’s a kind of human adjustment to life,” Elizabeth added. Many couples who have miscarriages blame themselves, in fact they probably didn’t do anything to cause it. This is why it’s important for you and your partner to know about the reasons for miscarriage with tips to reduce your risk. Why do miscarriages happen? According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), the most common cause of miscarriage is a genetic abnormality in the embryo. However, several other factors can also be the cause of your miscarriage, including thyroid disorders, diabetes, immunological disorders, to drug abuse. Banner Hages Budiman Great Mothers Around us/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia What are the causes of miscarriage? About half of all miscarriages that occur in the first trimester are due to chromosomes that may be hereditary or spontaneous in the parent’s sperm or egg. Chromosomes are small structures inside body cells that carry many genes, which serve as the basic unit of heredity. Genes determine all of a person’s physical attributes, such as gender, hair and eye color, and blood type. Most chromosomal problems occur by chance and are unrelated to the health of you and your partner. Miscarriage is also caused by various factors that are unknown to the mother. Here’s a row of causes of miscarriage reported from the Cleveland Clinic page: The presence of infection. Exposure to environmental and workplace hazards such as high levels of radiation or toxic substances. Hormonal irregularities. Implantation of the fertilized egg in the improper lining of the uterus. Mother’s age. uterine abnormalities. Incompetent cervix. The cervix begins to dilate and open too early, in the middle of pregnancy, with no signs of pain or labor. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, or using illegal drugs. Disorders of the immune system include lupus and autoimmune diseases. Severe kidney disease. Congenital heart disease. Uncontrolled diabetes. Thyroid disease. Radiation. Certain medications, such as the acne medication isotretinoin. Severe malnutrition. Group B beta streptococci. For some conditions, pregnant women need pregnancy-boosting drugs to prevent miscarriage, Mother. See the explanation on the next page. Also watch the video about 10 fruits that pregnant women should not eat.
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