Jakarta – The COVID-19 pandemic has left an impact on various aspects of health, Mother. One of them is skin health. Daily activities that change according to health protocols are the main cause. For example, the use of masks and outdoor activities. “We often wear masks and we have new hobbies, such as outdoor sports, gardening in parks and so on,” said Bamed Bintaro Clinic skin and sex specialist, dr. Mohammad Yoga Adi Waskito, SpDV, in a Virtual Media Briefing via Zoom, Thursday (16/12/21). At least, there are three skin problems that often occur in the new normal era or this pandemic period, Mother. These problems are dermatitis or eczema, maskne or acne, and spots or hyperpigmentation. “During a pandemic, there are three skin problems that often occur, namely, dermatitis or eczema, masks or acne due to wearing masks, and dull skin due to the wrong way of sunbathing,” said Yoga. Skin problems during a pandemic Illustration of dry skin/ Photo: Thinkstock Here are 3 skin problems during a pandemic: 1. Dermatitis or eczema Dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin that can cause symptoms such as a red rash, itchy, dry, and scaly skin. Eczema can be a response to the influence of exogenous factors (from outside) and or endogenous factors (from within). There are various types of dermatitis with various causes and different characteristics, Mother. For example, atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis. Atopic dermatitis is an inflammation accompanied by itching and generally occurs during infancy and childhood. The causes are several factors, namely genetic factors, food, aeroallergens, dry skin, immune disorders, and environmental factors. “This situation often gets worse with frequent bathing during a pandemic because it will make the skin drier and further damage to the skin structure will cause further inflammation,” said Yoga. Meanwhile, contact dermatitis can occur due to materials or substances that stick to the skin. This condition is divided into two, namely irritant box dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. “Contact dermatitis occurs after the skin is irritated or inflamed due to exposure to certain chemicals or allergens that hit the skin, such as soaps, detergents, household cleaning fluids, dyes, fragrances, nickel, latex, make-up products, or jewelry,” said Yoga. . “This can often happen during a pandemic because we often wash our hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Some eczema on the skin is difficult and takes a long time to heal.” To prevent dry skin from frequent hand washing, you can use a moisturizer after your hands are dry. If there is no soap when you have your hands, you can use hand sanitizer and moisturizer. Also check out basic skincare for a healthy and well-groomed face, in the following video:
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