– Getting a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the AppStore and 4.7 out of 5 on the Google Play Store makes the popularity of Alchemy Stars increase, no doubt its popularity has made this mobile game one of the Best Game Changers nominations on the Best Play Store Game 2021. This game invites players to think strategically to create attack combos and form team combinations in the game, Another fun in Alchemy Stars is doing gacha to get favorite characters, there are various unique and artistic fighter figures from 6 factions (Illumina Federation, Lumopolis, Umbraton, Rediesel Wrench, Northland, and True Order) created by 150 talented illustrators and manga artists. Carrying the concept of a line strategy RPG, Alchemy Stars invites players to develop a strategy by connecting colorful tiles to create various amazing attack combos. Not only trying to get 3-star characters, players must pay attention to the elements in the game to form the perfect team in completing each level and unlocking the story in the game. Here are 4 basic things such as roles, elements, tiers and skills of each character that deserve attention:Character RolesThings The first thing to consider is the role of each character in Alchemy Stars which has advantages and disadvantages. Sniper: the ability to focus on dealing damage to one target and can hit enemies from a distance, very useful against enemy bosses. Converters: good at turning tiles into their elements. This is a very useful unit considering that the game requires players to create paths of the same color in order to unleash combos. Detonator: Best DPS and all-target skills. Very suitable for use against enemies who have many soldiers. Support: can heal or buff the party. Does not have a large attack, but can increase the maximum performance of other characters in the squad.Character Elements The second thing to pay attention to is the elements that each character has, each element has its own advantage in attacking, assisting, or turning things around with skills owned.Water (Blue): Shows versatile abilities and the best tile converter.Fire (Red): Most DPS and detonator. Characters in this element usually have very high AoE damage skills. But the drawbacks are the amount of blood and the absence of healing skills. Forest (Green): comes with a special mechanism that can affect the board, as well as the most mobility. If players are patient and can overcome their complex skills, players can turn things around with the skills possessed by this element. Lightning (Yellow): flexible type, the lightning units in the game have better ranged skills and force enemies to approach them. -each collected character is divided into several tiers such as S, A, and B, where tier S shows that the character increasingly has the best potential in defeating the enemy and helping with his skills, while tier B is a good character but lacks potential in helping the team, The following are the characters based on the tier list in Alchemy Stars. .

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