Jakarta – If you have just had a baby, the phase you are currently experiencing is breastfeeding. But, as you know, not all women can have a lot of smooth milk. If you are one of the women who are experiencing this problem, let’s look at what breast-feeding foods you can consume to overcome them. Nutrients needed to increase milk production Often babies and nursing mothers’ bodies will feel weak if sufficient nutrients are not met in the body. One of the important substances that can increase energy is by eating foods that contain nutrients such as protein and minerals that must be met. Nutrients are also one of the important things that must be met in the body for the formation that can be used to regulate the body’s immune system and reproduction. Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Foods that can increase breast milk 1. Green beans One of the foods that increase breast milk is green beans and is believed to be a source of energy for nursing mothers. Green beans have so many benefits that they are nicknamed superfoods. One of them is to increase fertility. In addition, green beans can also meet the needs of protein and vitamin B1. Green beans are also known as one of the foods that are rich in iron and folic acid, which are low in fat and minimal in cholesterol so that they can help the baby’s brain development. 2. Papaya This reddish-orange fruit can also meet the needs of potassium which contains lots of water, vitamin A, and vitamin C which can increase breast milk production. This potassium can also maintain energy so you don’t get tired easily during breastfeeding. The potassium content in papaya is also believed to increase feelings of comfort and can prevent depression. Even when your baby is able to eat solid food, this papaya fruit can also be used as complementary food to help develop fine motor skills and eyes. 3. Chayote Chayote is known for this type of food also contains folic acid. Folic acid needs are very important, especially when you are breastfeeding. In this condition, the mother’s body will need folic acid twice as high as when not pregnant. Folic acid is also very important to help the development of baby’s tissues, cells, and hemoglobin. 4. Fenugreek One of the foods that increase breast milk next is fenugreek which can help produce more breast milk. This food serves as a galactogogue. It is believed that this food can be used as a stimulus for the glands in the breast to produce more milk. By consuming the right dose can also help breastfeeding mothers. Usually fenugreek can also be found in herbal medicine. (PK) Also check out the following video on how to massage breasts to facilitate breast milk (ziz/ziz).

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