Jakarta – Mothers, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly presents a new challenge for mothers, which is to fully take care of their children at home. Like it or not, because the current pandemic requires us to just stay at home. Staying at home doing various activities while taking care of children with their various behaviors is certainly not an easy thing. However, all mothers have to face this situation, including member of the United Kingdom Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Mothers may think that being a royal like Prince William and Kate Middleton will definitely have a lot of convenience in the various processes of life they live, even when it comes to parenting. In fact, this is not always true Mother. Just like mothers in general, a noble like Kate Middleton also often faces various difficulties in the process of raising her three children. After officially getting married on April 29, 2011, Prince William and Kate Middleton are now blessed with two handsome sons, namely Prince George and Prince Louis, and a beautiful daughter named Princess Charlotte. Homemade diet banner/ Photo: HaiMother/Mia Launching the Times of India, before being blessed with two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter, Kate Middleton revealed that she had experienced various challenges and difficulties during her pregnancy. In a podcast interview, Kate Middleton admitted that she had suffered from hyperemesis, a condition that can cause severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The hyperemesis experienced by Kate Middleton certainly had brought her various difficulties, but she finally realized that everything that was difficult during her pregnancy could be overcome with good control of the body and mind. “Through hyperemesis I really realized the power of the mind over the body because I really had to try everything myself, and it was able to help me through it,” said Kate Middleton, reported the Times of India. Not only that, Mother, various other difficulties also often come to Kate Middleton, especially in the process of raising her three children. In the same podcast, Kate Middleton reveals that there is a feeling of guilt inside her that often comes when talking about the process of parenting when her child is. According to Kate Middleton, being a mother can often be exhausting and even when she’s trying her best. However, at the same time, Kate Middleton also reminded that no one is perfect and making mistakes is how we learn to deal with difficult situations. Kate Middleton has also often experienced difficulties during the pandemic in the process of raising her three children. More on the next page, Mother. Also check out the video about the excitement of Jennifer Bachdim’s family spending time at home below.
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