Jakarta – Reading fairy tales can be a useful routine for children, Mother. There are many fairy tales that we can tell our children before going to bed, such as the fairy tale of the Mermaid. The fairy tale of the Mermaid or The Little Mermaid was first written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837. This fairy tale was later adapted into an American animated film in 1989. The story of the Mermaid is very interesting to tell to children because it can increase their imagination, Mother. Your little one will create a new underwater world to illustrate the storyline. Then what kind of fairy tale Mermaid can you tell your child? Come on, take a look at the following story, such as quoting the Stories to Grow By page! The Tale of the Mermaid and the Kind Prince It is told that in a very deep and wide sea, there lived a Sea King who ruled the underwater world. The king lived in a beautiful palace, made of blue coral with a shell roof that could be opened and closed. There the Sea King lived happily with his mother and four daughters. The four of them have a short age gap with each other. The King’s youngest daughter was named the Little Mermaid. Unlike her brothers, the Little Mermaid spends most of her time going to sunken ships that have fallen to the bottom of the sea. These ships held many treasures from the outside world, a world the Litte Mermaid had never known. While spending time on shipwrecks, the Little Mermaid often sings while organizing the collection of treasures he finds. He really likes to sing with other fish. Everyone knows that the Little Mermaid’s voice is the most beautiful there is. There was one rule made for the Little Mermaid and her sisters. When they are 15 years old, they can swim to the surface of the sea. The Little Mermaid was eagerly waiting for this moment because she was the last one in her family to be allowed to swim there. But because she was so curious, Little Mermaid made her grandmother tell her about life on land. “There are ships, cities and people up there,” said the grandmother. Mermaid Illustration/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/totallyjamie Before long, the eldest sister turned 15 years old. She became the first princess to be allowed to rise to sea level. When he returned, he brought the story to his three younger siblings. He tells the story while resting on the soft white sand, looking at the sky and clear clouds, and the sunset turning golden red. He had even seen birds flying high above him. After that, it was the turn of the Little Mermaid’s second sister who swam to the surface after she was 15 years old. He tells of an iceberg floating in the sea and shining brightly. All the ships looked away from the iceberg, as if frightened and the iceberg looked uninhabited. The next story was brought by the Little Mermaid’s third sister. After returning from sea level, he told the story as he swam closer to the city gates. He heard human voices calling to one another, the sound of horses being pinned down on the road. This Little Mermaid’s third sister even heard music for the first time at sea level. All the stories shared by the three sisters made the Little Mermaid even more curious about the life above him. When he was 15 years old, he came to the surface to see for himself the story his brother was sharing. When it appeared above sea level, the Little Mermaid was next to a large ship. From his place, he could hear beautiful music and sailors dancing. They seemed to be laughing and having fun. Suddenly the Little Mermaid saw a handsome young man stepping off the deck of the ship. At the same time, the sound of fireworks rang out and the Little Mermaid approached. The young man seemed favored by the sailors. At that time, the Little Mermaid thought that he was a prince. “He must be a prince,” said the Little Mermaid. However, suddenly the party turned into a disaster. Big waves came followed by lightning and rainstorms. The ship was adrift in the ocean. Little Mermaid saw that the handsome prince earlier was the only one on the ship. He seemed to help the sailors who fell into the sea. Unfortunately, the handsome prince was also thrown and fell into the sea. Knowing that humans cannot live underwater, the Little Mermaid dives in and saves the prince. The Little Mermaid then swam to the surface and pulled the prince’s body to the shore. The Little Mermaid looked confused because the prince didn’t come to his senses and opened his eyes. “Is he dead?” asked the Little Mermaid in her heart. The Little Mermaid then sang a sad song. Suddenly, the prince started to move and opened his eyes. “Oh! Are you all right?” asked the Little Mermaid while touching the prince’s forehead. At the same time, the voices of several women appeared on the beach. The Little Mermaid immediately dived quickly so that her identity would not be exposed. Since then, the Little Mermaid never met the handsome and kind prince again. He returned home without saying anything to his brothers. Years later, the Little Mermaid still can’t forget the prince. She then told her grandmother and said she wanted to meet the handsome prince again. “My dear, you know that a Mermaid can’t walk on two legs! The only one who can do that is a Sea Witch. But of course it’s too dangerous to meet her,” said the grandmother to the Little Mermaid. Mermaid Illustration/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/totallyjamie Little Mermaid doesn’t listen to Grandma’s advice. He went to the far end of the sea to meet the Sea Witch. Hearing the Little Mermaid’s request, the Witch Laur gave a potion to give her two legs. The condition is, the Little Mermaid must throw away her melodious voice. In addition, the Sea Witch also said that the prince had to marry her if the Little Mermaid wanted to live. Her sweet voice won’t come back either. “If the prince marries someone else, you will die the next day and your voice will stay with me forever,” said the Sea Witch. The Little Mermaid agreed and immediately drank the potion from the Sea Witch. He passed out and woke up on the ground with two legs like a human. At that time, the Little Mermaid was found by her idol prince. He was invited to the prince’s palace and heard all the stories of his idol man. The next day was the royal feast. The prince took the Little Mermaid. The prince wanted the Little Mermaid by his side every day. The Little Mermaid thought the prince would surely fall in love with her and she still had hope of marrying the man with the beautiful voice she had saved. However, suddenly the King called the prince to and asked his son to choose a bride, a princess from a nearby country who came to the party. The prince’s heart was broken, and so was the Little Mermaid. Unbeknownst to the Little Mermaid, her voice has been transferred by the Sea Witch to the woman betrothed to the prince. The prince was amazed by the sound of the princess being betrothed and agreed to marry her. The Little Mermaid’s heart was breaking even more. The next day, the Little Mermaid went to sea and told her three brothers about the prince’s problem. Little Mermaid’s brothers told the father. Unfortunately, the Little Mermaid turns out to be held captive by a Sea Witch who wants the Sea King’s wand. Seeing the princess pressed, the Sea King agreed to give his scepter and kingdom to the Sea Witch. The Sea Witch then turned into a monster came to the wedding and made a mess. The Little Mermaid tried to save the prince until he was trapped by the monster’s tentacles. The Little Mermaid used the knife she was carrying to stab the monster’s chest. The prince then helped him by shooting arrows at the monster. The Sea Witch fell into the water and lost. At that moment, the Little Mermaid’s melodious voice returned again. The prince who heard the Little Mermaid’s true voice immediately realized that he had been misjudging all this time. The prince remembered the voice as the voice of the woman who helped him when the shipwrecked. At the same time, the princess who was the prince’s match came to attack because she didn’t accept the Little Mermaid’s presence. Suddenly, the Sea King came and again took his wand and helped the princess against the evil princess. The evil princess was defeated and the Sea King immediately waved his wand and lifted the Little Mermaid back to the ship. The prince came and hugged the Little Mermaid. “Now I know that you saved me first. Will you marry me?” asked the prince. The Little Mermaid answered ‘yes’ in her sweet voice. Both of them live happily. See also 3 benefits of storytelling to children, in the following video:
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