Jakarta – Most Popular on HaiBunda: 1. Married to a Garut Man, Here’s How Japanese Wife Sets Husband’s Salary of IDR 28 Million a Month Couples who marry from different countries certainly have a myriad of unique stories. Starting from their experience in adapting to food, their respective cultures, to equating their principles in the household. Like Supriatna, a man from Garut, Indonesia, who is married to Yoshiko, a Japanese woman. What’s the story like? Listen here. 2. 7 zodiac signs who are predicted to have the most money in 2022, horses will get an ideal salary in 2021. The year 2021 is an unexpected year, especially because of the COVID-19 virus, Mother. Although it has gradually improved, not a few people are still struggling to rebuild their careers and finances. At the end of 2021, many people are starting to put their hopes in 2022, Mother. Apparently, luck in 2022 can be seen based on their zodiac, you know. Continue reading click here. 3. 7 Portraits of Isabel’s Children Ayu Azhari and Mike Tramp, Beautiful Half-Blood Face From her second marriage, Ayu Azhari was blessed with a beautiful daughter who has now grown up, Mother. Intrigued by his figure? Take a peek at the photos here. 4. 15 Most Expensive Types of Ornamental Plants in 2021, Some are IDR 200 Million per Leaf Bun! Throughout 2021, there are many types of ornamental plants that are excellent and attract the attention of collectors. Not only that, ornamental plants can also be used as a form of investment. There are many ornamental plants that are sold at ‘exorbitant’ prices, you know, Mother. There are many things that affect the price of this plant, including style, rarity, and size. Read more about the types of plants, click here. 5. 5 Romantic Korean Dramas with High Ratings Throughout 2021 Romantic Korean dramas also enliven the small screen in 2021. Throughout the year, there were various romantic titles that made the audience baper. The success of this romantic Korean drama is no less than a series that carries the action, law, and thriller genres that will also enliven 2021. Not a few popular Korean dramas have succeeded in scoring high ratings, you know. Read more here. (AFN/rap) .

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