– Vespa modifications have been seen more and more in recent years. In fact, not only ordinary people, artists also enliven this Vespa modification. Call it Andre Taulany, Awkarin, Gading Marten and finally Atta Halilintar who made modifications to the Scooter Victory Inter Part aka Scooter VIP. The Vespa workshop, which is located in Bekasi and Surabaya, has received many orders from the artists mentioned above. The founder of Scooter VIP, Dennil Sagita is proud to be able to handle Vespas belonging to these famous artists. In fact, it cannot be denied that there will be more and more modifications to the Vespa in the next year, in 2022. Dennil also talked about the trend of Vespa modifications in 2022. Atta Halilintar stopped at the Sccoter VIP to change the Vespa’s appearance to be charming (IST) “For this year’s Vespa modification and next year there will be a slight progress with a wide selection of accessories from activists made by the nation’s children more dominantly dominate the market which is no less good in terms of build and quality with foreign products, for example wheels, rear rack racing, racing footrests and even fork covers and front ties, many are using locally made, we also have adopted accessories from domestic brands, but there are differences when it comes to aftermarket products,” said Dennil Sagita as quoted by He added that some Vespa users are still comfortable with foreign products that still dominate the market. This is because their parts are much more prepared in terms of technology and research and development, and there are some important parts that according to their community friends are more prestigious and confident when riding Sunmori if they use the display of aftermarket products that have names. Then what about local aftermarket products that have also been widely used in modern Vespas? “For local aftermarket products, I haven’t checked for quality and durability if used for a long period of time, but it doesn’t matter if it’s comfortable to use and the modification budget for each person is different,” said Dennil, who started the Scooter VIP business. from this house. He said that all the choices were reversed to the users who were more comfortable and confident with which brand. Because not all aftermarket products can be produced domestically because at the road trial stage it has gone through a process that has been calculated for users for a long time and there are several regulations that have been developed abroad in terms of the safety factor of the wearer. Scooter VIP itself also always campaigns through Scooter VIP’s youtube channel and social media for comfortable and safe driving without worries after modifications. Because there are some people who modify their Vespa, they come to the workshop to want the performance to be comfortable, but after using it for a short time, it’s difficult to start, hard to slow down, engine snoring and engine lubricant that often drips. This is what makes men who have studied Mechanical Engineering at Trisakti University always provide education to Scooter VIP consumers, either directly or through education on social media, so that consumers get good and correct information when using aftermarket parts with various choices from local to external products. “Back in 2011, when Scooter VIP was selling on the Kaskus Fjb forum, our only question and answer communication was through the forum, there wasn’t any wa, there was only fuel, social media wasn’t as busy as now, because I also sell from Kaskus and the average consumer is more choose to come and test directly for upgrades and modifnya,” concluded Dennil Sagita. .

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