Jakarta – Before the popularity of Korean dramas peaked, Chinese or Mandarin dramas were in demand at the time, Mother. Let’s take, for example, Meteor Garden in 2002. The drama immediately became a hit, even now the drama is still being watched. Quoting Metro Style, there are several reasons why Chinese dramas are interesting to watch, Mother. The first is starring well-known actors and the quality of their acting is not good. Several Chinese stars have built reputations with quality as their brand equity. Some of the most sought after actors in Chinese dramas include Yang Mi, Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Ryan Ding, Song Wei Long, Steven Zhang, Lin Yu Shen and many more. Another reason is the intense plot development. Unlike Korean dramas which usually end after 16 episodes, Chinese dramas are a bit committed with shows that usually last up to or more than 40 episodes. In one drama, expanded episodes, characters and storylines are more refined and more detailed. So far, many may think that many Chinese dramas have royal or colossal themes. Chinese dramas are not only royal themed, you know. There are modern and romantic dramas that are no less interesting. The following are recommendations for modern romantic Chinese dramas that will air in 2021, quoted from Soompi: 1. Don’t Leave After School Mothers who like school dramas don’t miss this one drama. This drama depicts the daily lives of students repeating a year after their final year of high school. Tells the story of female lead Fang Xue (Li Ting Ting) returning to school because she got bad grades in university entrance exams while male lead Wei Lai (Yao Chi) is a good student who wants to change his study focus from liberal arts to science to realize his dream. become a paleontologist. This slice-of-life drama isn’t too heavy and has lots of fun and heartwarming moments. All the characters are so well made and unique that they feel like real characters. Check out other drama recommendations on the following page. Also check out the video about the latest Korean drama released in December:
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