Jakarta – Cancer is still one of the challenges for medical personnel in Indonesia. Its prevalence is recorded to increase every year, and is predicted to continue to skyrocket until 2030, Mother. The Global Burden of Cancer Study (GLOBOCAN) from the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that the total cancer cases in Indonesia in 2020 reached 396,914 cases with a total death of 234,511 people. GLOBOCAN also estimates that cancer deaths worldwide will continue to increase to more than 13.1 million by 2030, Mother. This value is the same as an increase of 36.4 percent compared to 2018. One of the main challenges of cancer services in the country is the imbalance in the number and distribution of cancer service facilities, Mother. In addition, Indonesia has a limited number of medical experts who specialize in this disease. “Besides the inadequacy of human resources (HR), another problem is the uneven distribution. Our human resources are still centered in big cities and the island of Java. We don’t have cancer experts in the regions,” said dr. Siti Khalimah, Sp.KJ., MARS, Director of Referral Health Services, Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, RI at the Project ECHO webinar, recently. Banner Acehnese Man and Turkish Wife/ Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Currently, Indonesia has only 13 national referral hospitals for cancer with a distribution of five in Java, three in Sumatra, two in Kalimantan, two in Sulawesi, and one in Bali. Meanwhile, the number of specialists in hematology, medical oncology (Sp.PD-KHOM) in Indonesia only reached 188 people. This comparison is equal to 0.07 of 100 thousand inhabitants. This figure is considered still very low compared to the recommended amount based on the UK Royal College of Physician, which is 1.42 for every 100 thousand inhabitants. In fact, cancer treatment will be more effective if detected early. “A lot of people who come are already in stages 3 and 4, the cancer has spread, so it’s a bit more difficult to treat. How to get patients to come to cancer services early on, the facilities must be spread throughout Indonesia,” said dr. R. Soeko Werdi Nindito D., MARS, President Director of Dharmais Cancer Hospital. Currently, there are three types of cancer cases that are most commonly found in Indonesia. Read on the next page, Mother. Watch the video for breast cancer prevention tips below:
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