Free Fire characters. (Garena) – Check out five beautiful but deadly characters in the following Free Fire (FF) game. You can play cool while washing your eyes with this FF character. As is known, even though the FF game had become the most bullied, this game is still one of the most loved. It is proven that developers continue to add contemporary features to this one game. Including presenting a variety of interesting Free Fire characters. If you are a fan of FF since it was first released, then you will know what updates are added by the developer. New maps, new items, new events or the latest ff characters have sprung up along with the many gamers who are loyal to this game. Talking about characters, there are many FF characters that you can choose according to your taste. These characters consist of boys and girls with their respective strengths. For professional gamers, the appearance of the Free Fire character may not be too influential as long as the skills are solid. However, many amateur gamers choose characters just because they are beautiful. But don’t just be beautiful, you also have to consider the skills you have even though it’s not a priority. Well, for those of you who are curious about the five prettiest Free Fire characters according to the team, here are the details: 1. Kapella Fre Fire character – Kapella. (Garena) As for the version from the team, Kapella deserves to be on the top list of the most beautiful characters in the Free Fire game. This Free Fire character has a graceful but slightly naughty style. But make no mistake, Kapella has a deadly skill you know. This character is perfect for those of you who are role support or Rusher. Kapella’s strengths are that it increases the healing effect by 10% and also has a passive skill that adds 10% healing when a teammate’s HP is below 20%. 2. Nikita Character Fre Fire – Nikita. (Garena) Regarding appearance, Nikita has a different style than other characters. Instead of wearing armor, this character prefers to wear formal clothes. You will even often see Nikita wearing glasses which makes her look beautiful and sexy. If you like using submachine weapons, you can use Nikita as a mainstay FF ​​character. 3. Clu Character Fre Fire – Clu. (Garena) The skill of this Clu character is not kidding because if you use this character and activate the skill then within 30 meters the enemy will be detected. Even though it is deadly, Clu’s appearance is far from fierce and even tends to be beautiful and elegant. But you have to be prepared because this character has a great detection “tool”. 4. Paloma Character Fre Fire – Paloma. (Garena) If you don’t include Paloma in this list. Because seen from any side, Paloma is very good looking. This one character can help you to do survival battle royale. Where the skill will add ammo 90 AR capacity into our backpack. 5. Shani Character Fre Fire – Shani. (Garena) If you want to meet a character who is fierce, beautiful, authoritative but still charming, then Shani is the answer. But don’t mess with this one character. Because Shani is also equipped with deadly abilities. When Shani succeeds in defeating the enemy, he will give you a Healing Effect on the Vest. Those are the five prettiest but deadly Free Fire characters from the team version. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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