Five of the best-selling Hero Marksman in M3 Mobile Legends, one of them is Clint. (Pinterest) – M3 World Championship in Mobile Legends has ended where Blacklist International became the champion. There are interesting statistics regarding the 5 best-selling Marksman heroes in M3 Mobile Legends. This line of MM heroes has become a mainstay for pro players so that they are picked up quite a lot. Not only a mainstay, even the hero recommendations below have led one of the pro players to win MVP several times on M3. Marksman itself is often used by pro players who fill Jungler or Gold Laner positions. Even though it doesn’t hurt too much in the early stages, the row of heroes below can produce deadly damage during late-game. Here are the 5 best-selling Marksman heroes in M3 Mobile Legends: 1. Beatrix OHEB becomes MVP with Beatrix hero. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) Beatrix is ​​among the top three heroes with the highest pick rate throughout M3 (below Mathilda and Esmeralda). This hero is famous for having a row of weapons with very large damage in its class. Gold Laner Blacklist, OHEB is famous for being very good at controlling Beatrix so that they won many MVPs during the Group Stage to the playoffs. Beatrix was used by pro players in 45 games with a pick rate of around 47.37 percent. This hero has a 35.79 percent tire rate with an average KDA of 3.88 points. Not only in M3, Beatrix is ​​a fairly popular hero in public rank mode. 2. Clint Hero Clint Mobile Legends. (Moonton) This handsome hero with his cowboy hat is also a mainstay for pro players. Clint has been selected in 43 games with a pick rate of around 43.16 percent. Clint’s passive skill is known to be quite troublesome where his passive can produce Double Shot with grievous damage. Combo skill two, skill one, and his ultimate can also produce deadly Physical Damage for opponents. At Legend rank and above, Clint is one of the heroes to watch out for because the percentage of his tires reaches 36.3 percent. While at M3 Mobile Legends, Clint had a ban rate of 31.58 percent and an average KDA of 3.71 points. 3. Brody Brody Mobile Legends hero illustration. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang) This hero has been used by pro players 35 times in M3 Mobile Legends. Brody has a pick rate of 36.84 percent and a tire rate of 18.95 percent. The average KDA score of Brody’s hero is quite high, namely 4.04 points. Although not too wary of in the public rank, but Brody is quite a favorite of pro players. Brody can collect stacks thanks to his passive skills. If the stack is full, this hero is famous for having very painful damage. Combos from basic attacks to the ultimate Torn Apart Memory can paralyze the enemy’s leading hero quickly. 4. Nathan Hero Nathan Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Hororo Chan) Apart from being wary of public rank mode, Natan is also a threat to pro players. This hero has a very high tire rate while on the M3, which is 46.2 percent. He has been selected in 22 games with a pick rate of 23.16 percent. Hero Natan also has an average KDA score similar to Brody, which is 4.04 points. Based on statistics in Mobile Legends, Natan got a tire percentage of 79.71 percent. This makes Natan one of the top three heroes that players in the public rank are very wary of. Skill “Entropy?” his which can produce a reverse clone for a few seconds can produce high damage in late-game. 5. Yi Sun Shin Yi Sun Shin. (Mobile Legends Indonesia) Hero Yi Sun Shin or YSS has been used by pro players 19 times. This hero has a pick rate of 20 percent and a tire rate of 42.11 percent. Compared to the four heroes above, YSS has a very high KDA average score of 4.62 points. When facing RRQ, Blacklist Wise managed to become MVP in the first game when using YSS. The KDA score is quite striking, which is 13/0/9. The combination of melee, long-range, and basic attack skills can produce critical damage for the opponent’s hero. Those were the 5 best-selling Marksman heroes in M3 Mobile Legends, interested in using them when push rank? .

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