Jakarta – Bakwan corn becomes fried that is not only delicious to eat as a snack, but also can accompany a plate of warm rice, yes, Mother. Of course, this food will be more delicious if it remains crispy and not soggy over time. To be known together, corn is actually able to meet the needs of carbohydrates and a source of energy for the body. Reporting from the Mayo Clinic Health System, these seeds are also known to have a high fiber content and can help improve digestion. In addition, corn also contains B vitamins and important minerals that nourish the body such as magnesium and iron. Corn if added with spices or a recipe, can improve the taste. Corn can also be used as a staple food substitute for rice, snacks, or even side dishes. One of the recipes with raw materials that use this vegetable is bakwan corn. Here are tips for making crispy corn cakes that have been summarized from various sources: 1. Use low protein flour Low protein flour contains low gluten content, so it will make fried foods crispier than flour with high gluten content. This was reported by ChefSteps. While flour with gluten or high protein content produces a hard and chewy fried layer that is prone to absorbing too much oil. So avoid using high protein flour, yes, Mother. 2. Use rice flour Mike Manno, research and development chef at CSSI, a foodservice agency in the US explains that rice flour absorbs less oil than other flours when fried, yielding fewer calories from fat and less oily products. 3. The oil must be hot. You need to pay attention to the temperature when frying the corn cakes. If it’s not hot, the oil will absorb into the cake. Mother can test the heat or before the oil through a drop of dough. If the drops rise and foam, it means the oil is hot. Don’t forget to fry it on medium heat so it doesn’t burn easily. 4. Don’t put a lot of cakes in one pan. Don’t rush to put a lot of dough in one pan. If a lot, it can lower the temperature and the cakes will absorb the oil. Put three to four cakes in a batch if you have a medium skillet. 5. Drain properly. When it is yellow-brown and feels crunchy, remove and drain. If you don’t want the corn cakes to absorb a lot of oil, drain them standing up. You can also line it with kitchen tissue (not facial tissue). Wait until the oil dripping on the cakes stops. For the recipe for crispy and not mushy corn bakwan, you can see on the next page, Mother. Mother, also see the recipe for the kale bakwan in the following video:
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