Jakarta – Blender is one of the most frequently used kitchen utensils, Mother. Typically, blenders are used almost every day to make smoothies, blend soups, make baby purees, and mix other food ingredients. Well, over time these food ingredients can cause a buildup that will be difficult to remove, Mother. Therefore, you need to understand how to clean a blender at home, here. Cleaning a blender is arguably more complicated than scrubbing pans or putting other equipment in an automatic dishwasher. Thorough cleaning is important for maintaining the blender, preventing the growth of bacteria from food debris stuck in corners and crevices at the bottom of the blender jar. If you’re confused, here’s how to clean your blender at home to prevent bad odors from food ingredients, as reported by The Spruce. You need to prepare the ingredients, namely mild dish soap, a sponge or dish cloth, and also baking soda (optional). How to clean the blender: In order for the blender to be completely clean, you must disassemble the jar assembly and clean the gaskets, blades, and base. The liquid can drip into crevices and dry out, sticking the bottom to the jar, and possibly encouraging bacterial growth. Photo: HiMother/Mia 1. Clean the settled stains If the blender has not been cleaned for a long time, you may find some dry food stuck to it. To make it easier, mix baking soda and water in a one-to-one ratio. Then, run the already installed blender. Discard the water, and disassemble the blender and follow the next steps to wash the components of the blender. 2. Separate the parts of the blender. After cleaning the stains that have settled on the blender, you can unplug the blender unit, remove the jar assembly from the base of the blender machine, remove the jar cover, open the jar base, remove the gasket seal and blades. When separating the parts of the blender, you have to be careful with the sharp knife in the blender. 3. Wash the blender case Clean the blender case with warm soapy water and a dish cloth or sponge. Rinse thoroughly, then dry carefully. The blender jar is also dishwasher-safe on the top rack, although hand washing is quicker and eliminates the risk of scratching the glass or plastic. click read the next page yuk, Mother. Also watch the video for 5 tips for dealing with a clogged toilet:
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