Jakarta – The entry of the Omicron variant to Indonesia certainly makes the Indonesian people think again to consider plans for the Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays. In addition, the government will also implement regulations to tighten community activities during the Nataru period. This was confirmed by the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G. Plate, Bunda. The government is tightening because it focuses on maintaining the situation of handling the pandemic in a sustainable manner to ensure that Indonesia’s G20 Presidency next year can run smoothly. “The method is not by implementing PPKM, but by tightening Nataru. So later there will be an Inmendagri which will specifically be prepared for community activities during Nataru, while still being able to control or be aware of COVID-19,” said Minister Johnny, recently, reported by the page. Kominfo official. The Minister of Communication and Information emphasized that the public does not need to be trapped in euphoria and must remain cautious. Well, for mothers and families who ultimately chose to stay at home during the New Year holidays, it was also the right decision. Don’t worry, you can make it fun to just stay at home during Christmas and New Year’s 2022. There are several activities that you can do to fill Nataru’s holiday later, the following activities are quoted from Romper: 1. Make a small party at home If you and your family regularly hold events for the new year every year. Nothing wrong with making a small party at home. You can invite your family, closest friends to join. You can also set up a ‘kids zone’ for your kids at home that provides lots of games, snacks, or even a mini cinema to keep them entertained all night long. But before holding a party, make sure the invited family or friends are really in good health, right! 2. Celebrate the new year early or the next day. If you have young children, you may not want them to stay up until midnight. It can ruin their sleep schedule. If this is the case, try celebrating the new year early with your kids. Or you can also celebrate the next day by having breakfast together or watching cartoons with your children. 3. Fancy dinner You can also host a fancy dinner at home. For example, cook a steak or steamboat for dinner. To add to the fun, you can teach the children about table manners at this fancy dinner. You can also serve your favorite food or family favorite, then ask family members to dress up in formal clothes. You can try this, bro! Check out this video about inspirational baby girl names inspired by Christmas:
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