Jakarta – Novena Prayer is a form of devotional prayer for Catholics. There are several Novena prayers that people usually pray, one of which is the Christmas Novena prayer. In general, all Novena prayers aim to draw closer to God, Mother. As explained by Valentine, AK, Educator at Yohannes Gabriel Foundation, Representative of Nganjuk, East Java, the Christmas novena prayer is a prayer to prepare our hearts and minds for Christmas. Generally, the Christmas novena prayer is done for 9 full days before Christmas Day arrives. Just like people who undergo fasting, or midodareni before the event. “The novena prayer is done by praying about the wishes that you want to come true,” explained Valentine. The Secretary General of the Archdiocese of Jakarta, Father Adi Prasojo, explained the same thing, Mother. According to Father Adi, usually the Christmas Novena is prayed from December 15-23. For Catholics, the Christmas Novena prayer is fundamental. For this matter, Father Adi Prasojo explained why Catholics rely on the Novena prayer. “Because by becoming disciples of the Lord Jesus, the Christian faithful are invited to build a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. Individually and together, pray to praise and glorify God,” said Secretary General of the Archdiocese of Jakarta, Father Adi Prasojo, when contacted by HaiBunda, some time ago. . Romo Adi said that the difference between each type of Novena prayer lies in the form of prayer and petition. Nevertheless, many prayers or goals have been answered through this Novena prayer, Mother. The Novena Prayer is provided by the Church for the faithful to pray based on the needs and intentions of each individual, which is carried out for nine consecutive days. Just like the Novena prayer in general, the Christmas Novena prayer is also performed for nine days in a row, Mother. Photo: Hi Mother/Mia The Christmas Novena Prayer is a preparatory prayer or a prayer to welcome Christmas. Usually, the Christmas Novena is prayed from December 15 to 23, before Christmas Eve. However, the Christmas Novena prayer can also be performed on other occasions, either individually or together with other Catholics. “What all Novena prayers have in common is a closer relationship with God. The difference is in the form of prayer and the request. However, through the Novena prayers, many prayers or intentions are granted by God. It is called the Novena prayer because the procedure for the prayer is prayed for 9 days in a row with the same form of formulation and prayer time,” said Father Adi. Whether it’s a Christmas Novena prayer or any other Novena prayer, it must be done with the same form and time of prayer every day, Mother. Father Adi said that every Novena prayer tradition has a prayer text that every believer can follow. One of the Novena prayers that can be prayed before Christmas is the Prayer to the Child Jesus. The title Child Jesus will be found attached to the name of St. Theresia Lisseux, who is patron of the church of St. Theresa. Child Jesus Prayer My Jesus, I run to You Through Your most holy Mother, I pray that You will help me in my needs. I truly believe in You. You are the God who mightily protect me With full trust, I hope in You. Your grace you will give to me. My whole heart I give to you. I regret my sins. I beg of You, keep me away from sin. Jesus, free me from the bondage of sin. Strengthen my intention to improve myself. I will never insult You again. I give all of myself to You. I will patiently endure suffering for Your sake. I will serve You forever. I will love my neighbor as myself because I love You. Little Jesus, I beg You: help me in all my needs so that with Saint Joseph and Our Lady, and the angels, I will rejoice to see You someday. Amen. “The Child Jesus” is attached to the name of St. Theresa because of an experience that changed her life. The turning point of his life occurred when he fell prostrate before the Child Jesus. This can be seen from the quote in his diary, when he experienced a Christmas that changed his life. “Our Lord, who was just born, turned my darkness into abundant light. He who was born to share in my human weakness, brought me the strength and courage I needed. He armed me so well on that holy night that I never looked back. Love has found its way into my heart, calling me to forget myself and do whatever it takes of me, and since then, I have been happy.” Click to read the next page, Mother. .

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