Jakarta – The series The Return of the Condor Heroes or the Return of the Rajawali Warriors has been busy adorning Indonesian screens in the 1990s. One of the legendary character figures is Bibi Lung. The character is played by Hong Kong actress Carman Lee. After a long absence from the entertainment world, he returned to the small screen and surprised netizens. How not, it looks so youthful. Like not much different from when she was still playing Aunt Lung, more than 20 years ago. Well, this youthful face is not obtained instantly, Mother. There is even a sad story behind the charm of Carman Lee’s beauty which seems to never fade. Quoted from the South China Morning Post, Monday (6/7/2020), Carman Lee had disappeared from the small screen at the peak of his career around 2004. Carman Lee/ Photo: instagram @carmanlee0816 Apparently he resigned from the entertainment world because of his girlfriend’s request. Four years later, in 2008, Carman Lee unexpectedly broke up with his girlfriend, Mother. A year after the breakup, Carman Lee’s father died of a stroke. This beautiful actress then went into depression until 2010. “I couldn’t even take care of my father’s funeral. I felt powerless. After taking medication to improve my mood, I stayed home and looked dazed all day. Doctors were afraid that I might do stupid things, like tried to kill himself,” said Carman Lee. Grateful, Carman Lee was finally able to get through these difficult times. He was so grateful for the support of his mother and friends who were always loyal to accompany him. He tried his best to rise from adversity. Carman Lee later found pleasure in exercising and eating healthy food. He regularly works out at the fitness center. Usually, he goes to the gym 3 to 5 times per week. But since the Corona outbreak hit, Carman Lee has been exercising at home with more intensity. Every day he exercises until his stomach is six pack. This actress also showed off a sixpack stomach on the Instagram account @carmanlee0816 on 15 May. This photo also attracted the attention of netizens. Not only a sixpack stomach, Carman Lee’s appearance that doesn’t seem to age has also amazed fans. Netizens are also wondering how old Carman Lee is, because his face is still young. Her skin is glowing and there are no wrinkles on her face. Quoted from 8 Days, Carman Lee did keep his real age a secret. Many suspect he has already reached his 50s. On the official profile it says he was born in 1973, so he is around 46 years old. However, it is known that she had been a flight attendant for an airline in 1986 when she was 19 years old, meaning she is now 55 years old. Apart from exercising regularly, Carman Lee some time ago shared his secret to always looking young through his nightly routine, Mother. Read the continuation on the following page. Also check out tips to stay young in old age through the following video:
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