Jakarta – Ivan Gunawan’s post about his new child in the form of a doll made a scene on Instagram. Finally, the designer who is familiarly called Igun spoke up. He doesn’t care what netizens think about his new ‘child’, Mother. Igun also explained the purpose of having children from the doll. The doll in the form of a baby boy was named Miracle Putra Gunawan. The doll who is called Eqqel, called Igun, was born on December 16, 2021. “Yes, so now I have a new child, his name is Miracle Putra Gunawan, born yesterday on December 16,” Ivan Gunawan told reporters recently. Ivan Gunawan also explained the meaning of his son’s name. The 39-year-old man hopes that his son’s name can be a prayer and bring him good luck. “Yes, miracle means a miracle, so hopefully this child will bring a miracle,” said Ivan Gunawan. Turns out, there’s a story behind it, Mother. The doll is not random. The doll, called baby Eqqel, was made by Ivan Gunawan in Russia. Ivan Gunawan deliberately made him look like his face. “Yes, indeed it was made from my face too, so that’s why it’s similar. For children in Russia without me having to go to Russia,” said Ivan Gunawan. Ivan Gunawan is grateful to have it because it took six months to make the doll. Not a short time to work on a doll. “It’s been half a year. Yes, it’s been a long time,” said Ivan Gunawan. Ivan Gunawan considers having a doll child is fun and like having a toy. She even bought baby clothes for the doll. “Yes, just have fun by yourself, crazy about yourself, just make yourself happy,” said Ivan Gunawan. Ivan Gunawan had a reason why he made the doll. Why? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Also check out Ivan Gunawan’s diet secrets through the following video:
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