Jakarta – Ratings for Korean drama The Red Sleeve are getting higher and higher. Breaking through the double digits, the rating for the latest episode managed to score 13.3 percent. This value shot far compared to the premiere episode which only reached 5.7 percent. Continuing to show increasing ratings regularly, the Korean drama The Red Sleeve has now reached episode 12. This romantic saeguk drama will only have the last five episodes left, Mother. Soon to be over, The Red Sleeve is still the most talked about Korean drama since last November. The series occupied the top position as the most popular show for six consecutive weeks. Not only that, their two main players, Lee Junho and Lee Se Young, have also become the most popular drakor artists. The popularity of The Red Sleeve is inseparable from the exciting storyline. Mother, here are 5 of the most epic scenes in the romantic Korean drama The Red Sleeve: 1. Seong Deok Im and Yi San protecting the palace The Red Sleeve does not just present a beautiful woman in a palace. The character Seong Deok Im (Lee Se Young) is described as a woman who is brave and determined. Episode 3 features an epic scene that shows the courage of the palace maid. He was not afraid when he was faced with a ferocious tiger who was terrorizing the women in the palace. Yi San asks Seong Deok Im to read a book in front of the ladies in the palace. Deok Im stands undaunted with her friends, Kim Bok Yeon (Lee Min Ji), Bae Kyung Hee (Ha Yul Ri), and Son Young Hee (Lee Eun Saem). Seong Deok Im duty to protect the ladies in the palace. Meanwhile, Yi San and his bodyguard Kang Tae Ho (Oh Dae Hwan) join the rest of the army to hunt down the tiger. The scene when Seong Deok Im reads poetry to Yi San is also an epic moment. Read on the next page. Also watch a video clip about recommended Korean dramas that can be watched during the Christmas holidays with family:
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