DANA Completes QRIS Implementation. (DANA) Hitekno.com – QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesia Standard) is the new standard for digital financial systems that are increasingly being used. Even now considered able to reduce and prevent the circulation of counterfeit money. This was conveyed by the Deputy Chair of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Rachmat Gobel, who said that QRIS is a digital financial system that replaces cash, to prevent the circulation of counterfeit money. “I really support this Bank Indonesia (BI) program, so that QRIS needs to be widely disseminated to the public, including in Gorontalo Province,” said Rachmat Gobel, in Gorontalo, Thursday (12/23/2021). He was also happy to be with BI to disseminate QRIS to the public and business actors including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the border area, North Gorontalo Regency. The socialization of the QRIS implementation to the cashless community, he said, was a solution from BI, including avoiding counterfeit money. Especially during the campaign season, it is prone to the circulation of counterfeit money. Therefore, QRIS is here to avoid losses to the people and the state from the circulation of counterfeit money. QRIS, he said, also provides convenience to the public in trading and doing business and controlling the use of money, including for small business actors who are weak in terms of bookkeeping. “Sometimes, MSME business actors find it difficult to control business money and personal money, so the money for business is used for personal needs. QRIS helps control existing finances,” he said again. In addition, if we trade, we definitely need small money for change. “Sometimes if there is no change, it must be replaced with candy. Even though we don’t like sweets. So the role of QRIS is very profitable,” he also said. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Rachmat also said, digital money would prevent virus transmission from cash transaction activities. Money circulates from one hand to another. “With digital money, surely the transmission of COVID-19 can be prevented,” he said again. QRIS was introduced because its aim is to provide security and convenience to the public as individuals and entrepreneurs, including small businesses and others, to be able to transact safely, including managing their finances well and is expected to be able to overcome financial management problems faced by the community. “QRIS is a solution for the community,” he emphasized. That is support for the implementation of QRIS which is claimed to be able to reduce the circulation of counterfeit money. (Suara.com/ Liberty Jemadu). .

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