Mobile Legends. [Moonton] – The following is a list of terms in Mobile Legends that you should know. Let’s look pro and don’t be shy when you’re in a mabar. Everything related to the Mobile Legends game must be learned. For example, about hero skills and how to use them. Because without learning, you will lose your way when you are playing. The worst possibility that you will get is being hostile to the team because you will only become a burden on the team. In addition to the problem of game skills, there is one more thing that you must know before deciding to play Mobile Legends. This is related to terms that are often used by gamers who play the game from Moonton. Because by knowing the existing terms, you will look like a pro player when playing Mobile Legends. For those of you who are still learning about Mobile Legends, it’s a good idea to look at some of the terms in Mobile Legends that are often used by gamers: Mobile Legends. [Moonton]

Poke (in installments): how to fight the enemy in installments. This is a strategy to kill the enemy slowly without the intention of chasing him. GGWP: this term appears when players usually say the word to praise other players. Invis: stands for invisible which means disappearing alias invisible. Harassment: a term for game activities that aim to interfere with the enemy while doing laning.OP: stands for Overpowered. That means the hero who has the OP title is a hero with a fairly high Damage effect. Bait: Bait means fishing. In Mobile Legends, this term refers to a strategy to lure the enemy out of their strategy. AFK (Away From Keyboard): a term if the player wants to leave for a while or forever. Roaming: a signal when you have to move from one lane to another to help teammates.Rank: Mobile Legend has a six-tier system based on ability. This level is called “rank”. Carry: the way or position when one or two heroes are able to raise the performance of the entire team. Talent: is a passive skill bonus that is obtained from several available emblems. Core: in English, Core means core. While in Mobile Legends the term “core” refers to a core hero who has strong abilities. Hyper-Carry: a strategy in which a core hero (core hero or Carry hero) is supported by many heroes in the team. Carry: a designation for heroes who can “Carrying” or “bring” the team to victory. Lee: means weak or less useful. Lee can be considered as an insult or derision for an incompetent character. Farming: an activity to find gold or gold. Buff: a term that refers to increasing the status of the hero being played. META: stands for “Most Effective Tactics Available” which means a strategy or the most effective tactic to win the match. KDA, (kill, death, assist): this term refers to the statistical value of each player’s game taken from the number of kills, assists, and also deaths.GG (Good Game ): a greeting of satisfaction towards players, teams, and the game as a whole. Imba (Imbalance): a term to say if there is no balance between players in a team. That’s a glossary of terms in Mobile Legends that you need to know. To make it look more pro when playing Mobile Legends. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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