This unique gaming chair makes netizens salfok. (Facebook/ WEIRDnet) – Gamers certainly need a comfortable chair to support their hobby when playing games. An anti-mainstream gaming chair has succeeded in making netizens salfok. A Facebook fanpage account called WEIRDnet shared photos showing the condition of a room. We can see the keyboard and the red and black gaming chairs near the table. The support legs, mechanical adjustment, armrests, and neck pillows look like normal gaming chairs. Netizens were shocked when they saw the pedestal to sit on the gaming chair. The base for sitting is designed similar to the closet in the toilet. The rise of game streaming services makes gamers feel at home for hours sitting in front of the computer. Some of them may be lazy to leave the chair when the game is showing exciting moments. This problem seems to be solved with this gokil gaming chair. This unique gaming chair makes netizens salfok. (Facebook/ WEIRDnet) It is not known whether it was just a joke or the owner intends to market it commercially. This photo has been circulating and made into a meme through Reddit to the meme site iFunny. There is even a video that shows the gaming chair can open automatically and display a device for spraying water. The post about this crazy gaming chair went viral after being shared more than 460 times and getting 1,400 likes. This chair is named as the “Toilet Gaming Chair” in some of the memes circulating. Quoted from Soranews24, there is indeed a Toilet Gaming Chair design circulating in Japan in 2019. This unique gaming chair makes netizens slack. (iFunny) An illustrator from Japan with the account @peter6409 once designed a gaming chair to be placed on the toilet. His post at that time went viral on Twitter after getting 30 thousand likes. Similar to the gaming chair above, @peter6409 designed the concept of a blue gaming chair equipped with a headset and a large box and flush button on the back. This anti-mainstream gaming chair provoked various comments from netizens. “The owner is very dedicated,” said Ci**ls**s. “Real gamers will never leave their gaming chair (laughing emoticon),” joked W**z Ag**o. “Modern problems require modern solutions,” replied Ha**zh Am**ul**h. “Perfect, where can I order it?” asked R**d**ph. That was the appearance of a strange gaming chair that made netizens salfok, what do you think? .

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