Jakarta – Some time ago, it was reported that Indonesia would move its capital city to East Kalimantan, Bunda. This transfer process has already started and is in the discussion stage of the law (UU). Reporting from the CNBC page, the plan to move the capital city turned out to be criticized by Anggito Abhimanyu as an independent expert. This was conveyed by Anggito while attending the Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) of the Special Committee for IKN with experts. Anggito said that moving a country must have clear reasons and goals. As done by many countries, namely wanting to separate the center of government and the center of the economy or industry. Meanwhile, Indonesia does not have a clear goal. “We saw some examples of where Indonesia is? Are we going to build a new city or a new capital city as a center of government, or as an economic driver. I think this bill is not clear enough to provide a reference, whether the new capital city is will be used as the center of government or as both,” he explained. Even so, the government targets to start moving the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan in the first semester of 2024. There are also interesting things being discussed regarding the transfer of the capital city, Mother. One of them is which agency will be moved first other than the offices of the President and Vice President. Expert Staff to the Head of Bappenas for Leading Sector and Infrastructure, Velix Vernando Wangai, revealed that three ministries will be moved to East Kalimantan for the first time. “For example, for this initial stage, if the offices of the President and Vice President move before 2024 then of course several ministries, for example the Ministry of Home Affairs, then the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Defense. At least the strategic public office will move to this IKN,” he said. . The transfer of the three ministries was carried out at the earliest because these institutions were considered the most important in supporting the running of the government. This transfer is also carried out simultaneously with human resources (HR) or civil servants who serve in it. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. (mua/mua) .

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