Jakarta – Are you having trouble teaching your child toilet training for the first time? Don’t be afraid to ask dad for help. Toilet training is an ability that must be mastered by children when they are old enough. This means that the child is ready to be released to be independent and not dependent on diapers anymore, Mother. “When children want to go to the toilet, they will go to the toilet. Sometimes it happens at 18 months, but it can also not happen until near the age of 4, but it is not healthy to let a child use a diaper when entering kindergarten, ” says Lisa Asta, MD, professor of clinical pediatrics in pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco. That said, most children usually start toilet training between the ages of 18 and 30 months, Mother. But, even though Mom and Dad are sure the child is ready, this stage can be stressful. Photo: HaiBunda/Mia Experts say to avoid toilet training during transitions or stressful times, such as moving house. Basically, children trying to learn these new skills do best when they are relaxed and have a regular routine. Toilet training should be introduced directly by both parents. Just like Mother, Father’s role is also very important to teach toilet training, you know. So, here are 5 important roles of fathers during toilet training: 1. Being a role model for boys The role of fathers is very important when toilet training, especially for boys. Fathers act as role models who explain and give examples of toilet training to children. According to the Project Potty Training page, boys may take longer to toilet training because their mothers do all the training. Sometimes it’s important for a boy to ask his father to show him how it’s done. Also check out tips for changing a child’s diaper, in the following video:
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