Jakarta – Grilling or barbeque is one of the most popular cooking methods at garden parties or camping. No exception when celebrating the turn of the new year. Usually, before doing the barbeque, Mother and family members can choose the food ingredients to burn it themselves. This recipe for the grilled menu for the new year under Rp. 100 thousand can be your reference. When choosing food ingredients for baking, of course it doesn’t always have to be at a price that makes the pocket cry. Mothers can still do barbeques with several choices of cheap materials. This time, there is a menu of grilled dishes whose capital is not up to Rp. 100 thousand, you know. The menu is guaranteed delicious and easy to make. However, this price again depends on the area where you live. Quoted from the book Delicious Cooking for Beginners: Grilled BBQ by the Primarasa Team, here are five simple New Year’s menu recipes for under Rp. 100 thousand. Listen, come on. 1. Chicken Tikka Main ingredients: 4 pieces of chicken thighs or drum sticks (about IDR 30,000) Other ingredients: Cooking oil for basting 1 tsp grated ginger 2 cloves of garlic, grated 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp coriander powder tsp cumin powder tbsp garam masala (Indian seasoning, sold in ready-to-use powder form) tsp chili powder 2 tbsp yogurt ½ tbsp tomato paste tsp salt tsp yellow food coloring tsp sugar Method: Wash chicken thighs under running water and drain well. Slice the surface of the chicken thighs. Combine all other ingredients, except cooking oil, in a bowl, stir until smooth. Add the chicken thighs to the spice mixture, mix well. Cover the container with plastic and preferably refrigerate for at least three hours to allow the flavors to infuse. Heat the grill over the heat, grease it with cooking oil, and place the chicken thighs on it. Roast the chicken thighs while turning and basting with the mixed spices until cooked and browned. Remove and serve grilled chicken thighs on a serving plate and serve while warm. Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 2. Japanese seasoned grilled beef Main ingredients: 250 grams of beef has deep or tenderloin (around Rp. 48.000) Other ingredients: Cooking oil for greasing 1 tbsp Japanese soy sauce (shoyu) 1 tbsp mirin 1 tsp sake 1 tsp grated ginger 2 cloves of garlic, puree tsp ground pepper 2 tbsp cooking oil Complementary: 150 grams cucumber 75 grams carrots 1 lettuce sheet 50 grams mayonnaise 1 tsp lemon juice tsp sugar Method: Store the meat in the freezer until half frozen. When firm, remove the meat from the freezer, then cut into x 7 x 8 cm, and set aside. Mix other ingredients except cooking oil together. Soak the sliced ​​beef in the marinade mixture, stir until smooth. Cover the container with plastic, set aside for at least an hour (preferably in the refrigerator) to allow the flavors to infuse. Grease a grill pan with oil and heat it over a fire. Put the meat on the pan, cook in one turn until the meat is cooked. Remove and place the roast on a serving plate. How to make complementary ingredients: Peel the cucumber, cut in half lengthwise, remove the seeds. Peel the carrots. Coarsely grate the cucumber and carrot, set aside. Finely chop lettuce and set aside. Combine mayonnaise, lemon juice, and sugar in a bowl and mix until smooth. Add the vegetables to the mayonnaise mixture, mix well. Serve as a accompaniment to roast beef. Click to read the next page, Mother. Also check out the video recipe for green chili pomfret that can be a lunch menu:
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