Infidelity is synonymous with having a third person and involves a serious physical relationship. But in fact, the type of cheating is not only that, you know, Mother. According to Brides, infidelity is an act of unfaithfulness which means engaging in a romantic relationship with someone other than your partner. Above all, this action violates the commitment or promise in the relationship. Every case of infidelity is not always the same and fulfills different needs. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what actions are included in this condition. What are the types of cheating that can disrupt domestic harmony? The following reviews are summarized from various sources: 1. Emotionally cheating This type of infidelity means that there is an emotional attachment between a person and another person who is not their partner. This type of cheating can happen without any physical action that shows love, such as holding hands, kissing, hugging, or more. In emotional cheating, there is generally only the act of communicating deeply on an intimate personal level. For example, often vent with the opposite sex without the partner knowing. Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 2. Cheating with sexual fantasies with other people According to relationship therapist, Max Lundquist as reported by Brides, it’s natural to think other people are attractive. However, this could be a problem when a deeper fantasy emerges, for example sexually. 3. Cheating by object Cheating with another object can be said as a form of betrayal, especially if it is done secretly and hurts the feelings of the partner. This situation occurs when a person becomes obsessively interested in something outside the relationship. One of them in pornography. Obsessive interest in pornography can damage household harmony because apart from disturbing mental health, it can also make partners uncomfortable. Because in some cases, obsession with pornography can even cause the person to no longer be aroused by sex with their partner. If ignored, situations like this can make couples uncomfortable, insecure and even lead to domestic fights. What other types of cheating can happen? Check out a more complete review on the next page, Mother. Also check out the video facts behind Princess Diana that shocked the public:
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