– The adjustment of operating hours for the mobilization of residents who want to travel to tourist attractions is carried out by PT Transport Jakarta (TransJakarta) on New Year’s Eve 2022. The adjustment of TransJakarta operating hours begins on Friday (12/31/2021) and Saturday (1 /1/2022). The adjustment of operating hours, namely BRT Route corridor 1-13 starting at 05.00-24.00 WIB. Furthermore, the NON BRT and Microtrans routes serve starting at 05.00-20.00 WIB. Also read: Prevent New Year’s Eve Crowds 2022, Street Lights at BKT Turn Off “Furthermore, the two services will return to normal operations on Sunday, January 2, 2022,” said a written statement from TransJakarta, Thursday (12/30/2021). In addition, TransJakarta also anticipates an increase in the number of customers at bus stops by adding 10 percent of the bus fleet from the number that operate on weekdays. TransJakarta also continues to coordinate with the police and place TransJakarta officers at customer density points. To always get the latest information about Transjakarta, you can access Transjakarta social media on Twitter: @PT_Transjakarta and Instagram: @pt_transjakarta, as well as through the TIJE application. Also Read: Bobby Nasution Bans Entertainment Activities on New Year’s Eve.

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