This old school ad managed to attract the attention of netizens. (Facebook/ National Library) – Old school advertisements can reveal a line of products that were hype in the old era. Various old-school advertisements decades ago have successfully attracted the attention of netizens. Not a few netizens who highlight the price listed on the ad. This collection of old school advertisements is sourced from various nostalgia fanpage accounts, old photos, and accounts belonging to the National Library. One of the old photos shows the price of a big motorbike which is priced at Rp. 30 thousand. When viewed from today, the price of the motorbike is the same as a portion of goat satay. Even so, Rp 34,500 is certainly very expensive if you look at it from 1956. In the previous old ad posts, the 1960s generation netizens were quite familiar with the terms ringgit, ketip, kelip, talen/rope and also cents. Seringgit or one ringgit is the designation for the value of IDR 2.5 or 2 rupiah 50 cents. There is also an old photo of the 1977 Toyota Kijang. The first-generation Toyota Kijang with the box shape is priced at Rp. 1.3 million. Not only vehicles, there are also advertisements for old Go Go drinks that were trending in their time. The bottled drink with orange and grape flavors was once a favorite of older generations of teenagers. The old photo from decades ago managed to provoke various comments from netizens. “Does anyone still have this Norton motorbike? I paid Rp. 250 thousand…wkwk,” joked J**u Bi*as**ti. “Alhamdulillah, although a month’s salary is only UMR, but you can buy a 1977 Kijang car,” joked Fird**s K**ni**an. “Now it’s probably around Rp. 348 million,” said H**o R**op**nomo. Here’s a row of old-school advertisements that make netizens laugh at their prices and reminisce: 1. This 497 cc motorbike is priced at Rp. 30 thousand. An old-school ad from 1956 showing this old motorbike caught the attention of netizens. (Facebook/ National Library)2. Cars in 1977 “only” Rp 1.3 million. The price of the Kijang car in the 1970s made netizens drool. (Facebook/National Library)3. Luggage bags were the hype of their time. This old-school suitcase ad made netizens nostalgic. (Facebook/ Ratu Novita via Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe)4. It used to be an idol drink for children and teenagers in the past. This old-school advertisement for the Gogo brand makes netizens nostalgic. (Instagram / childhood nostalgia)5. This sweet thick product was sold for Rp. 95 in the 1970s. The price of milk in this old 1970s advertisement caught the attention of netizens. (Facebook/ National Library)6. Some call toothpaste as toothpaste? This old-school ad made old-age netizens nostalgic. (Facebook/ Edwin Siagian via Indonesia Tempoe Doeloe)7. The price of VW cars in the 1970s made a salfok. This old VW car ad in the 1970s caught the attention of netizens. (Facebook/National Library) That was a series of old photos from decades ago that caught the attention of netizens, what do you think? .

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