1982 Bali street photos. (instagram/perfectlifeid) Hitekno.com – Instagram netizens recently highlighted an old-school vespa that appeared in street photos in Bali in 1982. The trendy design typical of its era makes netizens nostalgic for seeing the white vespa in this old photo. . This 1982 old Bali street photo was uploaded by the @perfectlifeid account and went viral on Instagram last Friday (17/12/2021). Various reactions were given by netizens in the reply column for the upload. ”Nostalgic view, activity on the corner of Jalan Sulawesi, Badung Market, Denpasar, Bali in 1982” wrote the upload caption. In the uploaded photo, you can see the street atmosphere at Badung Market, Denpasar, Bali, which was taken in 1982. A number of residents who are currently active immediately become the conversation of netizens. What stole the most attention was a white Vespa motorbike parked on the street. Various reactions were then left by netizens in the reply column for this viral upload on Instagram. Photo of the streets of Bali in 1982. (instagram/perfectlifeid) ”The Vespa PX150 uses great accessories,” netizens replied. “Wrong focus on the Vespa, full of accessories,” commented another netizen. ”Very cool vespanya”said netizens reply. ”Antique” wrote another netizen. Viral on Instagram, the upload of this 1982 Bali street photo has received more than 1,300 likes and hundreds of comments from netizens after being uploaded by the @perfectlifeid account. .

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